How to Get Micronutrient Testing in Philadelphia

Micronutrient tests are sometimes used to determine deficiencies of certain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in your body. Many things can affect your micronutrient levels, including age, body weight, gender, pregnancy, and recent diet changes (such as vegetarian or vegan diets).

Why get micronutrient testing?

On top of learning more about micronutrients and their potential effects on your health, getting testing done can reveal vitamins or minerals you may be deficient in. A micronutrient deficiency may affect other parts of your health and wellness, which is why micronutrient testing can be beneficial. Working with a nutritionist or physician can help find solutions for deficiencies.

It’s important to note that nutrition is more than just what you eat. It’s also about how you feel and how your body functions daily. If your energy levels aren’t what they used to be, or if you can’t seem to get past a health hurdle, it may be time for some testing.

Getting started

Getting micronutrient testing done, especially at home, has never been easier. Simply schedule a time that works for you and wait for a medical professional to come to your home or office with your lab kit, draw some blood and have it sent off for testing. With at-home micronutrient testing, you no longer have to waste time commuting or waiting in lobbies.

Doctors may recommend this type of testing if someone exhibits signs of anemia, lethargy, or chronic fatigue; these symptoms could be due to deficiencies in one or more essential vitamins and minerals. When receiving their results back from the lab, people can learn what they need and take corrective measures.

Schedule your at Home Micronutrient Test in Philadelphia with Driphydration

Drip Hydration is just a few clicks away if you need a micronutrient lab test done at the comfort of your own home. It’s the best way to avoid going through the hustle of visiting a doctor. Drip Hydration is a professional and licensed healthcare provider and one of the services we offer is a micronutrient lab test.

You can use our website to schedule an appointment or you can call us over the phone. Once the appointment is set, our professional medical team will come to your place to collect samples and also ensure safe transportation on the way back to the lab.

When the results are in, our experts will help you interpret them and provide advice on how to proceed forward to improve your health if it’s necessary. Contact us right away and get your micronutrient lab test!