Myers Cocktail IV Drips in Los Angeles

24099359781_339d303a79_bWhen Doctor John Myers, a Baltimore physician, created his cocktail, he had no idea of the effect that it would have on the culture of IV treatment or alternative medicine. Many doctors strive to make an impact, but with his infusion, Dr. Myers found a way of addressing a variety of common maladies and helping people to fine tune their bodies using essential vitamins and minerals. Dr. Myers used IV nutrients to treat fatigue and acute infections, and after Dr. Myers had died his patients sought the same nutrient injections from other sources. Now many are getting injections of the Myers Cocktail from their physicians monthly daily and weekly and have been for 25 years.

The Classic Myers Cocktail Ingredients

When the first clinics opened offering Iv drips to the public as a In order to understand how the cocktail works, you need to have an idea of what goes into it. Analysis of the Myers Cocktail has shown that inside of his 10-mL syringe which was administered using an IV push was a mix of calcium gluconate, magnesium chloride, thiamine, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin B complex, calcium pantothenate, vitamin C, and diluted hydrochloric acid. This mix has been found to be effective in the treatment of several chronic issues that include fatigue, chest pain, depression, or palpitations. However, over the years the cocktail’s composition has been disputed as reports on its origins come third hand and from patients, and there are no first hand written materials available. The same goes for the precise dosage. However, studies have more or less determined that a two percent magnesium chloride solution is part of the nature of the original Myers Cocktail.

Conditions Treated and the Treatment

Intravenous_attemptThis nutrient-rich cocktail as stated before is popular amongst patients and physicians because of the myriad of conditions that it can treat. It can be used to bring relief to clinical conditions such as seasonal allergies, migraines, muscle spasms, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, and much more. It has been discovered that to address these conditions most efficiently and directly an IV infusion is more effective than a pill, according to peer-reviewed studies. These studies have addressed the way that The Myers Cocktail relieves specific maladies in detail; here is a sample of their findings:

• Asthma
In the case of a five-year-old boy with a two-year history of suffering from asthma the Myers mix was found to be a source of relief. After suffering 20 asthma attacks over the course of 12 months, he was forced to enter a hospital emergency room for treatment. There it was determined that his condition was aggravated by a food allergy. After a year of conventional treatment the child, now age six suffered another attack. He was given a version of the Myers mix: 1.4 mL magnesium, six mL vitamin C, and 0.5 mL each of B12, calcium, B5, B6, and B complex, and his symptoms subsided within two minutes and didn’t return. Though there were some attacks at a later date, they were treated using the Myers mix in the form of an IV nutrient therapy which worked faster with sustained improvement.

• Migraine
In this case, a 44-year-old woman dealt with frequent migraines, triggered in many circumstances by her exposure to environmental chemicals or by accidentally ingesting food to which she was allergic. Traditional allergy desensitization therapy was less than successful. She was given the IV therapy on 70 separate occasions with each injection resulting in considerable improvement or even total relief with some exceptions. After some time the most efficient mix was discovered, and the woman found lasting relief.

• Fatigue
Over the course of a study into the effectiveness of the Myers mix patients suffering from a variety of different kinds of fatigue underwent the treatment. Those who benefited from the treatment found that their relief lasted from anywhere between several days and several months. One patient in particular who suffered from fatigue due to chronic hepatitis B, showed marked improvement in his energy levels after weekly and twice-monthly injections.