How Widespread is the New COVID Omicron Variant in Massachusetts

The defining moment of 2020 was the Coronavirus pandemic. Back then, there were a lot of unknowns and mysteries about this virus, but one thing was certain, experts were convinced that it would mutate and new variants would develop.

Omicron Variant in Massachusetts

In 2022, the Omicron variant, a highly transmissible and contagious variant of COVID, started to surge in different areas of the United States, including Massachusetts.

One of the things that we learned with the different variants is that it will worsen before it gets better in terms of the number of positive cases, and the same holds for Omicron. In Massachusetts, the peak was around January 22. Cases topped more than 50,000 reported positive COVID tests.

This huge number of people who tested positive led to a strain of hospitalization and affected the quality of healthcare provided because there were not enough beds.

Even when the peak is behind us, and cases seem to be decreasing every day, now is not the right time to let our guards down.

COVID Testing in Massachusetts

One of the best ways to counter the surge of cases is proper testing. Getting tested is important, especially if you feel symptoms or have been exposed to somebody who tested positive. Quarantining and contact tracing are also two important steps you have to take if you test positive and will help tremendously combat the Omicron surge.

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