How Widespread is the New Covid Omicron Variant in New Jersey? 

As every state was getting used to dealing with the existing strains of Covid, the new Omicron variant has hit many states in the United States very hard, including New Jersey. It is important that people have access to the information they need to take care of themselves, and that’s why we here at Drip Hydration are proud to offer these updates to our patients.

How Has Omicron Hit New Jersey?

We know for a fact that New Jersey is seeing record numbers of Covid 19 cases in recent days, along with many of its neighboring states. Still, while we know that Omicron is out there and that it is a concern, there is some confusion about the exact number of Omicron cases due to outdated data.

This tells us that cases are surging, and people are still getting sick in large numbers despite vaccines. Public health officials are urging New Jersey residents to go out and get their boosters and to do whatever they can to get tested early and often to help minimize the spread of this new strain of the virus.

Public Health Impacts

One good sign of the Omicron variant is that New Jersey, like other states, is not saying the same numbers of hospitalizations and subsequent deaths as prior strains of the disease. Fueling hope among doctors and front-line workers that treatments are working, testing is helping, and only the severely ill will need treatment in a hospital.

Like all the public health officials, we at Drip Hydration urge you to get tested and stay home if you’re sick. We can bring the Covid testing to you so that all you have to worry about is staying healthy and recovering. If you think you may have been exposed and need to get tested.

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