How Widespread is the New COVID Omicron Variant in Philadelphia

Coronavirus was first declared a pandemic in March 2020, and back then, many unknowns circled this new virus. Since it is a completely new virus, experts had a hard time predicting its track and the actual effect on people.

But one thing that experts got right was that the virus would mutate and develop different variants over time.

Omicron Variant in Philadelphia

The newest variant of COVID is called Omicron and is the most contagious and highly transmissible version yet. In Philadelphia, the surge’s peak happened in mid-January, with more than 26,000 positive cases in a week.

This uptick in cases affected the hospitals in the area and was considered overloaded. It also affected many businesses, with the majority of employees calling out sick, which disrupted normal business operations.

Even though the surge seems to be slowing down, this doesn’t mean that we have to let our guard down and stop being cautious. Omicron is still around and can still affect you and your family.

COVID Testing in Philadelphia

One of the ways that you can help with combating the surge of Omicron is by getting tested. Proper testing needs to occur when exposed to somebody who tested positive or is experiencing symptoms.

Getting tested is the first step that can lead to quarantining and contact tracing if you test positive. These two processes are extremely important and can contribute positively to flattening the surge.

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