How to Organize COVID Testing for Visitors of a Church Gathering in Indianapolis

If you run a church, you may be interested in learning about Covid testing for church gatherings in Indianapolis.

This article will discuss how onsite Covid tests work for church gatherings and how they can keep everyone safe.

How Does On-Site Covid Testing Work?

Suppose you would like to arrange onsite testing for your clergy and congregation. In that case, Drip Hydration will send out a team of certified nurses to your church to administer Covid tests that will determine whether or not a person is currently infected with the Covid-19 virus. Our nurse teams can administer up to hundreds of tests per day.

We offer a rapid antigen test that can determine whether or not a person is currently infected with Covid-19 in just 15 minutes. This is the fastest test available, and since trained professionals do the tests, we can assure you there will be accurate results.

How Does Covid Testing Keep People Safe?

People can have Covid without knowing it. It is possible to be infected with Covid-19 but not experience any symptoms of Covid. This is called being asymptomatic. The virus is still contagious within asymptomatic people, meaning that people without symptoms who do not know they have it can still spread it to others. Covid-19 testing keeps people safe by testing everyone, even if they are not currently experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms so that people will not be unknowingly infected and spread the virus.

Covid testing also ensures that people experiencing mild cold- or flu-like symptoms do not mistake Covid for the common cold or the flu.

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Drip Hydration Can Help Keep Events And Workplaces Covid-Free

Drip Hydration can keep Covid out of your workplace or event venue with onsite tests. We offer tests for large and small groups with progressive discounts based on the number of individuals being tested. Our team will ensure all tests are administered professionally in compliance with local regulations.

We will work with you to develop a custom testing plan whether you need a one-time or ongoing solution. Give us a call or click the button below for a custom consultation!