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How to get an Ozone Iv Therapy in Seattle

It is possible to use ozone gas, also known as the protective layer that envelops the world, for medical purposes. Ozone gas infusions are a typical kind of therapy in Seattle. In the body, ozone gas functions as an antioxidant to combat any free radicals that may be present. Ozone gas is administered to patients with illnesses and has been proved to be useful because it boosts the immune system and helps the body fight against infection.

What is Ozone IV therapy?

Your body receives ozone gas through intravenous ozone therapy to aid it in its ongoing fight against disease. Numerous immunological and respiratory disorders are frequently treated with this intravenous therapy. Because ozone gas neutralizes the free radicals produced when you have a sickness, your body will endure less oxidative stress.

Ozone IV therapy in Seattle offers many benefits!

Ozone gas can injure the respiratory routes, making it hard for it to enter the body through the respiratory system. As a result, when you receive ozone IV therapy, ozone gas will be immediately delivered to your circulation. Ozone therapy has been proven to be successful in treating Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders (COPD) because it lowers inflammation, increases the production of proteins and red blood cells, among other positive benefits.

How Is Ozone IV Therapy Different Than Standard Vitamin IVs

Between 100 and 200 milliliters of blood must be drawn for ozone therapy before being mixed with saline and ozone gas. This liquid is injected into the body via a catheter. In the typical vitamin IV therapy, the vitamins are combined with the IV fluid and then administered instantly into the circulation via an intravenous line.

In-home treatments are the way to go!

In-home treatments are incredibly helpful to patients’ overall rehabilitation because of the comfort and familiarity they offer. Patients in Seattle who are unable to travel to hospitals due to illness or budgetary constraints choose for in-home therapy instead, which they believe to be effective and beneficial.

In-Home Ozone IV Therapy in Seattle

If you want to experience the benefits of ozone IV therapy but don’t want to visit a clinic on the regular, whether due to schedule conflicts or Covid concerns, Drip Hydration can bring your appointment directly to you. Our ozone IV treatments are administered by registered nurses to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

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