Where To Find Raleigh Covid-19 Testing Locations

Raleigh residents who need Covid-19 tests may be wondering how to find the testing option that’s right for them. Read on for information on where to find Raleigh Covid-19 testing locations and how to find the best option for you.

What to know before you go

Regardless of which type of Raleigh Covid-19 testing locations you choose, the reality is that going to a testing site poses a risk of exposure to the virus. If multiple people in your household need to be tested, you may not be able to get everyone tested at the same site, depending on limitations at each individual site, such as age limits or appointment availability.

Select locations offer testing services on a walk-in basis, but this may require you to wait for an extended period of time in line or in a reception area, increasing the chance that someone could give you the virus.

The county does offer a free DIY test kit program to qualifying individuals and families, but it does require you to mail in your completed samples, meaning you may need to leave home to go to the post office. Further, you will have to wait for your results, which generally return 1-2 days after the lab receives the sample in the mail.

Raleigh Covid-19 Testing Locations

Drip Hydration Can Bring Rapid Testing To You

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Should someone test positive, our experts can give you the advice you need to keep everyone safe. We offer progressive discounts for groups and regular testing plans – plus PPO insurance holders may be eligible for partial reimbursement of our services as well. Call or click today!