Can You Get A Same Day Rapid Covid-19 Test In Sacramento?

If you’ve been exposed to someone who has Covid-19, you are sure to want to know if you’ve been infected, and fast. Can you get a same-day rapid Covid-19 test in Sacramento? The short answer: Yes! But which option is best for you? Continue reading to learn more.

Understanding rapid antigen testing

Rapid antigen tests detect the outer protein layer that surrounds the genetic material of the virus. This is unlike the RT-PCR Covid-19 test, the most accurate test available, which detects the genetic material of the virus. Rapid antigen tests are thus less sensitive, and more likely to have a false negative result (1 in 5).

The advantage of rapid antigen testing lies in the name. While extremely accurate, the RT-PCR test requires lab processing for 24-72 hours. Antigen tests produce results in approximately 15 minutes without the need for lab equipment.

The test is an effective way of identifying those who are infected so they can be quarantined on a mass scale. This is why it works particularly well when used on a regular basis, i.e. by employers or public event venues.

Rapid alternatives to antigen testing

If you just need a test to fulfill a requirement for a school or employer, then rapid antigen testing may be right for you. But if you are getting tested to ensure the safety of a loved one who is high risk for severe symptoms and not vaccinated, then you may want a more reliable option.

The Accula Rapid PCR test, like the RT PCR test, detects the genetic material of the virus and is more accurate than the Rapid Antigen test. However, it does not require lab processing and is able to produce results in 30 minutes. This test is only available from select medical professionals.

Further considerations for getting tested

It’s important to consider the risk of exposure involved in getting tested. For households with multiple people in need of testing, it may be difficult to schedule everyone to get tested at once. Different testing sites have age limits, and some may not be fully accessible or able to accommodate certain disabilities. Each additional trip to get a different family member tested poses an increased risk of transmission for the whole family.

People with conditions that make mask wearing difficult or who need their tests administered with special care may need to call ahead. Most testing sites are geared toward testing as many people as possible in a short amount of time, meaning they may not be able to adjust their procedures or setup to meet your needs.

The advantages of Covid-19 testing at home

If convenience is your top concern, or if you need testing services that can accommodate you and your household’s medical needs, you may want to consider utilizing an onsite medical services provider like Drip Hydration. These services will send a nurse to your home to administer the test to you and your household. Assuming you choose a rapid test, the nurse will process the sample and let you know if you or anyone you live with tested positive, and what you should do next.

Where you can get a same-day rapid Covid-19 test in Sacramento

Please note all options listed below offer rapid antigen testing only unless otherwise noted:

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Drip Hydration Keeps Your Life Simple

If you are in need of a same day rapid Covid-19 test in Sacramento, reach out to Drip Hydration today. You can book an appointment online for you and your family to get tested with as little as 24 hours notice. You can feel confident that the test has been properly administered by our expert nurses and that the results of our highly accurate rapid Accula test are correct.

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