How To Get A Rapid Covid-19 Test In Raleigh

Anyone in Raleigh in need of a Covid-19 test wants answers fast, and a rapid test seems like the natural answer. How can you get a rapid Covid-19 test in Raleigh and which test option is right for you? Read on to learn more.

How rapid antigen testing works

The most widely utilized rapid test option is the rapid antigen test, which detects the outer protein layer of viral cells via a nasal swab. In contrast, the most accurate Covid-19 test available, the RT-PCR test detects the RNA of the virus itself within.

Although the antigen test is less accurate, it can produce results in 15 minutes without lab processing, unlike the RT-PCR which requires samples to be processed in a lab over 48-72 hours.

While the antigen test produces 1 in 5 false negatives, it is a valuable tool to use on a mass scale, such as public events, or by essential service employers. It allows people who are sick to be identified so they may be quarantined, preventing the virus from spreading.

Other rapid test options

For those getting tested to protect someone at high risk of severe symptoms, accuracy is of vital importance. Those who need both speed and accuracy may want to consider the Accula Rapid PCR test. Like the RT-PCR test, the Accula test detects the genetic material of the virus itself. However, it is able to produce results without lab processing in 30 minutes. The Accula test is available from select healthcare providers.

Where you can get a rapid Covid-19 test in Raleigh

Tips for getting tested

Each testing location has various rules and limitations on their services. These range from age limits, to limited appointment availability, to a max number of people allowed in your vehicle at drive through testing sites. It’s also important to note that not all locations offer rapid tests.

Each trip to get tested presents an opportunity of exposure to the virus, which may be frustrating for families trying to keep everyone safe. Those with medical conditions requiring special accommodation in having the test administered may want to call ahead to make sure sites can meet their needs, or consider getting tested at home.

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