How to Get a Rapid PCR Test Before Traveling From Cincinnati

If you are about to embark on a trip from Cincinnati, you may be wondering how to get a rapid PCR test before traveling from Cincinnati and how to obtain a travel certificate before your journey.

Let’s learn more about ways a person could get a rapid PCR test and travel certificate.

What is a Rapid PCR Test for Covid-19?

The rapid PCR test is used to determine whether or not you are currently infected with the Covid-19 virus. It is a nasal swab collection test that certified nurses from Drip Hydration perform. The rapid PCR test yields results within 30 minutes.

What is a Travel Certificate, and How Does it Work?

A travel certificate is simply a form that certifies that you are ready to travel safely because you have tested negative for Covid-19 recently (within the past 72 hours) before the departure of your plane.

You should check with your airline or your destination’s governing body to get more information and specific details.

Who Needs a Travel Certificate?

You will need a travel certificate for entry to some US states and foreign countries. You should check with your airline to find out if you need a travel certificate to board your flight. However, not all airlines require travel certificates, but some destinations may require proof of a negative Covid-19 test when you arrive at your destination.

How Can I Get a Travel Certificate?

To get a travel certificate, you must have a negative Covid-19 test, and, in some cases, you may need to have a physician listen to your lungs or perform other minor, non-invasive exams. Various testing facilities all over the country are offering this service.

Where Can I Get a Travel Certificate?

Travel certificates are available in many testing locations. Check with Drip Hydration in your area to see if they offer travel certificates.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Travel Certificate?

The cost of a travel certificate can vary based on the type of test you take, and whether or not there are any additional services, such as vital checks, that may be required. You should contact Drip Hydration to learn more.

Can I Get a Rapid PCR Test Done at Home?

Yes, you can get a rapid PCR test done at home. Drip Hydration will send a nurse trained in administering Covid tests to your home to perform the test on you. Results will be ready in 30 minutes.

At-home Covid-19 testing makes it so that you do not need to leave your home, and thus it keeps you from possibly exposing others around you to Covid-19.

Contact Drip Hydration today on our website or over the phone to learn more about the rapid PCR test we offer, get more information about travel certificates, and schedule an at-home rapid PCR test before traveling from Cincinnati.

Drip Hydration Makes It Easy To Get Covid Tests For Travel

If you want to meet your destination’s travel requirements for Covid without leaving your house, you may want to schedule a test with Drip Hydration. Offering rapid PCR tests that come right to your home is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you are Covid negative to help keep your fellow travelers safe. Serving Connecticut as well as many other locations across the United States, Drip Hydration can make traveling during the pandemic a seamless process.

All you have to do is schedule an appointment, and we will take care of everything else. A certified nurse will come to your home with all of the necessary supplies and paperwork. You can choose a rapid test if you want to receive results in as little as 15 minutes. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.