Top Tips For Reopening Cinemas Safely

Given what we know about how Covid-19 spreads, many theater operators may be wondering how they can generate income while keeping patrons and staff safe. Drip Hydration has compiled several tips and resources to help with reopening cinemas safely.

What is CinemaSafe?

The National Association of Theater Owners commissioned experts to create new health protocols for reopening cinemas. The protocols offer guidelines for theater operators, staff, and guests to create a safe movie experience for everyone. Participating theaters will display the official signage for this program, called CinemaSafe, to assure customers that the theater is following recommended procedures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The full protocol is available in PDF format here, but we have shared some highlights below.

Safer setup

CinemaSafe guidelines have multiple adjustments to how the theater experience is set up to reduce the likelihood of spreading Covid-19. These include:

  • Working HVAC systems and increased ventilation wherever possible
  • Sanitizer stations to facilitate increased hygiene
  • Signage to encourage social distancing, mask wearing, and increased hygiene
  • Modified concessions and ticketing to reduce contact points and discourage sharing which might spread the virus

Protecting employees when reopening cinemas

Preventing the spread of Covid-19 in workplaces is essential. Below are practices implemented by theaters participating in Cinema Safe:

  • Employee Health Training: In addition to recognizing signs of Covid-19 in others and themselves, employees will also be trained on new policies and procedures designed to prevent the transmission of the virus
  • Mandating enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices: This includes mask wearing, providing PPE equipment like gloves, and frequently sanitizing high-touch equipment
  • Staying home to stop the spread: Should an employee think they may have been infected, they will be instructed to stay home until it is safe for them to return to work

Guidance for patrons

Enthusiastic cinephiles looking to return to theaters should be aware that CinemaSafe includes a strict mask-wearing policy at all times both in the auditorium and common areas. Customers can also expect cashless and mobile transactions to be the accepted methods of payment.

CinemaSafe is an international initiative, so guests in areas with local mandates should check with theaters ahead of time to check for any additional policies. Below are the websites for the 4 biggest theater chains in the United States detailing how they are implementing CinemaSafe policies when reopening:

Local mandates for reopening cinemas

We’ve linked information for reopening cinemas in a few major metropolitan areas below. Operators in other areas should refer to their local health department and government websites for assistance. The CinemaSafe website also provides links to local mandate information for participating theaters.

New York City

Los Angeles



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