Reopening Entertainment Businesses Safely

Covid-19 primarily spreads through airborne droplets, which presents a unique challenge for entertainment venues, which regularly see hundreds or thousands of people in close quarters. We’ve compiled these tips and resources to help with reopening entertainment businesses safely.

General considerations

As mentioned, Covid-19 spreads primarily through the air. However, it can also spread by germs left on surfaces. That’s why taking steps to physically mitigate the spread of the virus is key to preventing an outbreak among your staff or event-goers.

Steps you can take to minimize potential spread include:

  • Setting up zoned, socially distant areas for attendees (such as pods, cordoned-off areas, and so forth)
  • Posting clear, visible signage that reinforces social distancing, mask wearing, and other venue-specific policies
  • Where possible, modifying ticketing and/or check-in to reduce contact points that may spread the virus
  • Setting up sanitizing stations throughout the venue so attendees have easy access to disinfectants
  • Hosting events outdoors where possible
  • Improving ventilation where possible
  • Regularly cleaning and maintaining HVAC systems
  • Frequent cleaning and sanitation of bathrooms and other heavily-trafficked spaces during live events

Protecting employees when reopening cinemas

Preventing the spread of Covid-19 is an essential part of operating your entertainment venue safely, and so is protecting your staff. You can help keep your staff safe and healthy with the following tips:

  • Requiring personal protective equipment while at the workplace: This includes masks or facial coverings (where possible; keep in mind staff with certain health or religious exemptions), gloves, and so forth. Staff should be encouraged to bring their own equipment if desired, but you should also provide extra PPE to ensure no one goes without.
  • Requiring enhanced sanitization practices: Your staff may already be required to clean their workspace throughout the day. Refer to the CDC’s guidance for cleaning and disinfecting buildings for the latest recommended best practices.
  • Staying home to stop the spread: Should an employee report that they’ve been in contact with someone who has been infected – or are feeling flu-like symptoms themselves – they should be instructed to stay home until they receive a negative Covid-19 test result. Employees should not be punished for time away from work due to Covid-19.
  • Provide employee health training: Staff should be trained to recognize the signs of Covid-19 in themselves and others. They should also be trained on any new policies or procedures that have been put in place to reduce the chance of virus transmission.

Local mandates for reopening entertainment venues

Every state is handling business reopening differently, and their models may be based on a combination of caseload and current community transmission, among other policies.

Below, we’ve linked information for reopening and operating entertainment businesses in New York, California, and Miami. Business owners in other cities should refer to their state’s local guidelines.

New York City

  • New York’s Excelsior Fast Pass can help entertainment venues comply with the latest reopening requirements and ensure event attendees can present a negative Covid-19 test at the gate.

Los Angeles

  • The California Road to Recovery site provides specific public health guidance for safely reopening all types of recreation and entertainment venues.


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