How to Routinely Test Your Employees for COVID on Site in Miami

The coronavirus pandemic has led employers to adapt quickly to changes in work safety protocol and routine covid tests for employees in Miami. In the beginning, employees were sent home to telework until certain safety measures were in place.

Today, many employees are back to work in-person, and employers are dealing with keeping their employees safe. Hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and masks are sometimes not enough.

Employers are doing everything they can to keep their company fully staffed to run as smoothly as it did before the 2020 pandemic. Retaining employees is a very important issue facing employers today.

How Can an Employer Get Their Staff a Covid Test?

There are many ways for someone to get an accurate covid test. By simply looking online, you will find test sites all around you, such as clinics, pharmacies, healthcare centers, and more.

You can even order a home test kit and take a nasal swab and send it away for the results. The results can be accessed online, usually within 24 to 48 hours from being received at the destination lab.

An employer may want to take safety to a whole new level and provide on-site testing at the employment location. You can request a testing company to set up at your chosen location and administer free covid tests to any employee requesting it.

This makes your employees not only feel safe, but they appreciate working for an employer who takes this illness very seriously and cares about their employees’ health.

How Often Should an Employee be Tested?

The CDC recommends that you be tested once a week if you work on-site with a large group of people. This is also the protocol most colleges and universities follow.

A negative Covid test is the best way to keep you safe and make sure no one around you contracts the virus.

Where Can I Get an On-site Covid Test?

Any employer can schedule on-site testing events online at Drip Hydration Mobile IV Therapy. We will come to your place of employment and set up in a location of your choice.

Your employees can feel safe and have a Covid test administered at their convenience. The results are usually provided in as little as 15 minutes. Call Drip Hydration to schedule your employees’ mobile testing event today.

Onsite Covid Testing For Businesses in Miami With Drip Hydration

Onsite testing, where a testing service comes to your place of work, is an expedient option for businesses and employees. Drip Hydration can bring fast and convenient tests to your business, helping you keep your employees safe and Covid out of your workplace. We look forward to helping keep you and your staff safe. Give us a call or click the button below for a custom consultation today.