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When Can Sacramento Achieve Herd Immunity?

Sacramento residents, like everyone, are eager to see the end of the pandemic. In order for regulations to be fully lifted, herd immunity needs to be reached. This means that enough people are protected from the Covid-19 virus (via antibodies obtained through getting sick or being vaccinated) that it can’t easily travel from person to person. When can you expect this to happen?

When will Sacramento reach herd immunity?

The percentage of people who need to be protected to achieve herd immunity varies depending upon the disease and how it spreads. Experts believe the percentage to reach herd immunity from Covid-19 is between 70-80%.

How long will this take? It depends on factors such as the pace of vaccination, the duration of immunity following vaccination or illness, and the rate of spread of virus variants.

Vaccine hesitancy will also play a large role in how quickly we can get to herd immunity. In a recent poll, Sacramento County ranked 20th for percentage of citizens who want to receive the Covid-19 vaccine at 77%. It is believed that these percentages will increase across the state as more people see friends and family get vaccinations with no side effects.

Experts believe that as long as enthusiasm for getting vaccinated continues to climb, and there are no major interruptions in the vaccine supply chain, herd immunity could be achieved in California as early as the end of summer this year.

Doing your part can help the US reach herd immunity faster

Though the end of the pandemic may seem imminent, it is important to remain diligent in efforts to reduce transmission of the virus. Experts are worried about the new, more severe strains of the Covid-19 virus that are spreading. They warn it is important to get as close to herd immunity as possible before the next winter season to avoid another peak of deaths resulting from these new strains.

In addition to social distancing and mask wearing, regular Covid-19 testing has proven to be an effective method of containing the virus. Identifying and isolating people who are infected or exposed until they test negative prevents outbreaks in workplaces and households.
Rapid testing, which returns results in 15-30 minutes, is currently most accessible from healthcare providers. DIY rapid test kits were authorized for emergency use by the FDA in December 2020, and are expected on shelves in coming weeks. Kits are expected to be priced at roughly $30, though will likely be more expensive initially until full production capacity is reached.

Those at high risk of severe symptoms, with medical conditions, or just in need of fast results may wish to consider at-home testing with onsite medical service providers like Drip Hydration. These services will send a nurse to your home to administer Rapid Covid-19 tests on your household.

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