What Are The Rules Of Running A Sacramento Restaurant During Covid-19?

Sacramento restaurant owners trying to run a business during the pandemic have had to learn a laundry list of new regulations while also contending with the impact of Covid-19 on business and the supply chain. Below is an overview of current regulations owners running a Sacramento restaurant during Covid-19 need to abide by, as well as strategies to prevent outbreaks and boost business.

Health and safety regulations

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Employer Playbook For Safe Reopening details the guidelines businesses must follow. All businesses must do the following before reopening:

  • Identify where the highest risks of transmission are and implement a site-specific protection plan
  • Educate staff about Covid-19 and how to prevent it from spreading, including how to self-screen for symptoms and stay home should any develop
  • Incorporate enhanced sanitation practices into day to day procedures
  • Implement screenings such as taking temperatures at the door to preempt an active Covid-19 case from entering the workplace
  • Ensure your day to day operations allow physical distancing guidelines to be followed

Tips for maintaining operations

Businesses have been forced to be flexible in the “New Normal.” Below are some tips to help with running a Sacramento restaurant during Covid-19, maintaining operations, and staying ahead of your pandemic-related duties.

Duty to report Covid-19 cases

As an employer, you are required to keep records of Covid-19 cases among staff. There are various entities you may be obligated to report cases to, depending on the circumstances. These include but aren’t limited to: Cal/OSHA, your local health department, and your insurance carrier/claims administrator.

Resources for businesses

The Downtown Sacramento Partnership website offers links to numerous public and private relief programs for businesses whether you need assistance offering mandated paid sick leave to an employee who tested positive, aid in reopening the doors to your facility, or guidance regarding operating during these uncertain times.

Guidance may be particularly useful for businesses that had previously relied on outdated technology. Sacramento restaurateurs who have thrived during the pandemic credit their ability to be flexible and offer various contact and touch-free options for customers. Upgrading systems to reduce the opportunities to transmit the virus won’t just make your business more convenient for patrons – it will help keep staff safe as well and prevent you from having to close your doors due to an outbreak in your restaurant.

The Importance of Covid-19 Testing

Many businesses have turned to Covid-19 testing of employees as a strategy in preventing workplace outbreaks. Regular testing identifies infected employees more quickly, so that they may isolate and avoid infecting coworkers. Some employers have chosen to do this using DIY test kits, which may be purchased in bulk directly from the labs who make them.

Restaurant owners who want to do testing, but don’t feel sufficiently versed in the necessary employee forms and waivers, may wish to utilize an onsite medical services provider like Drip Hydration to perform tests. These services will send a nurse to your workplace to administer tests on your employees.

In addition to guidance regarding employee testing policies, Drip Hydration also offers expert guidance in the event someone tests positive to help get your business back on track.


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