When Will Sacramento Teachers Get Their Vaccines?

Sacramento educators see hope on the horizon as the initial rounds of vaccines are given to first-line responders and nursing home residents. Covid-19 has disrupted in-person education, which is essential for children of all ages, and teachers and students alike are eager to get back into the classroom. So when can Sacramento teachers expect to get vaccines?

In-person educators receiving vaccine priority

Governor Gavin Newsom announced that beginning March 1st, 10% of California’s vaccine doses would be reserved for school employees, with those returning to in-person learning receiving priority.

The largest school districts have already held vaccination clinics where teachers have gotten their first shots, and as more supplies arrive that number continues to grow. School staff can also set up vaccination appointments through the county’s drive-thru clinic near McClellan park.

Any educator or childcare worker booking a vaccine appointment should note that they must bring proof of employment to verify that they are eligible to receive the vaccine. School leaders have been provided with specific instructions regarding distribution, so staff should consult their leader(s) before trying to book an appointment.

Teachers’ reactions to the vaccination process

While teachers are excited about this step forward, they also have concerns about returning to in-person learning before the vaccine has been fully administered to the public. Vaccine supply has had difficulty meeting the current demand, even with phases in place. Teachers are also working with districts to determine what safety measures will be in place when schools do reopen – such as social distancing, enhanced cleaning, and capped classroom capacity.

Guidance for vaccinated people who have symptoms or are exposed

The Sacramento County Covid-19 Website highlights CDC guidance for those who have received vaccines regarding what isolation and social distancing protocols they should follow. Vaccinated people may still spread the virus if they come in contact with someone who is infected.

Until vaccines have been distributed to the full population, Sacramento teachers in households with members who are not yet vaccinated should continue to take steps necessary to avoid getting sick. As schools and businesses reopen, many families are worried and the increased risk of exposure to the virus – especially for those loved ones at high risk of severe symptoms.

How Covid-19 testing can help

Regular Covid-19 testing is a valuable tool in keeping those who have not yet received the vaccine safe from the pandemic. Identifying who is infected early allows them to not only get the treatment they need faster, but can prevent others in their social bubble from being exposed.

Employer-sponsored testing is becoming more popular to prevent outbreaks, and some school districts in areas with high infection rates have opted to test students regularly as well.

How to get tested

Families interested in testing their households have a few options.

  • County testing centers offer free tests regardless of age, but are by appointment only. The tests given by the county are PCR tests which require up to 72 hours for lab processing to return results.
  • DIY PCR kits are currently available for purchase at retailers. These tests are self-administered at home, and then samples are mailed to the lab that created the kit. Turnaround time for results varies based on the lab and mail delivery times, but typically ranges between 3-10 days from the time samples are received.
  • DIY rapid testing kits have been authorized for emergency use by the FDA and are expected to appear on shelves in coming weeks. Tests are expected to initially be priced higher, but eventually average out to roughly $30 per test as supply meets demand.
  • In-home Covid-19 testing can be obtained from onsite medical service providers who conduct testing for employers, like Drip Hydration. In addition to already having access to rapid testing, another benefit is the significantly reduced chance of exposure to the virus.

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