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How To Safely Organize A Wedding In California During Covid-19

California has been hit hard by both the virus and the stringent lockdowns. As the state loosens its restrictions, many of us are looking eagerly towards events, such as weddings. But it’s vital to organize weddings safely in California, just as it is in the rest of the country. Not everyone is vaccinated, and new variants of Covid-19, like the Delta variant, present new dangers. Let’s go over how to keep your big day as safe as possible.

Guidelines for events and gatherings

Since we’re just looking at CA, we will consider both general CDC guidelines and state-specific guidelines to help you safely organize a wedding in California.

Travel to your venue makes for a significant potential of Covid transmission.

  • If people are going to travel to your wedding, make sure to encourage them to wear masks on public transit, even if they’re vaccinated.
  • Public transit is often densely populated, and as a result, there could be a high viral load in the air.

Especially if the wedding is inside, masks should be worn by all individuals.

  • California mandates that unvaccinated individuals wear masks inside and suggests that vaccinated individuals wear them, as well. This is because of a surge of cases due to the more contagious Delta variant.
  • California also doesn’t allow masks to be banned for any events.
  • The only people who are not required to wear a mask are children under 2, people with disabilities that prevent them from wearing or quickly removing masks, hearing-impaired people and those directly interacting with them, and people who cannot wear masks in order to safely conduct their work.

Once guests are inside, try to eliminate the potential for the spread of Covid.

  • Guests should be encouraged to practice good hygiene, such as thorough hand-washing.
  • Provide hand sanitizer, hand washing stations, and ensure that bathrooms are adequately stocked for your event.
  • High volume areas of touching like trash cans should be of the no-touch variety to minimize germs spread between individuals.
  • California also discourages handshakes and hugs unless both individuals signal that they are okay with them.

Consider how to handle guests who show up and suddenly begin feeling ill.

  • Any guests feeling symptoms should get a Covid test before attending.
  • Another option is to utilize mobile testing that checks guests before they enter your venue.
  • If anyone has recently tested positive for Covid-19 or been in close contact with someone else who has tested positive, they should not attend the wedding.

Encourage all wedding guests to get vaccinated.

  • Vaccines for Covid-19, including the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, have undergone extensive clinical trials and are safe and effective.
  • You can ask your guests to show proof of vaccination if desired.

Consider the size and location of your wedding

It is also important to note that guidelines are more strict for huge events. Depending on the number of guests, requirements can vary. Check your local guidelines for more information if you have a very large event.

  • People living in, or holding events in high-population, high-risk areas like LA, Orange County, San Diego, or San Francisco may be familiar with consulting California’s Blueprint map, which assesses different risk levels based on location. This map has recently been retired, but may provide valuable insight to the risk of holding an event in specific areas.
  • If held indoors, the venue should be well-ventilated. This is to help disperse any virus that may be in the air.
  • It is also advisable to sign up for the CA notify system; you should encourage your guests to do so, too. It helps to inform you when you are in close contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19. This can be activated either in your phone’s settings for iPhones or downloaded through the app store for Android.


Worry-Free Celebrations With Onsite Covid Testing

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