What’s The Safest Way To Test Your Employees For Covid-19 In Dallas?

The best way to prevent business closures during the pandemic is to do everything you can in order to prevent the virus from entering the workplace. This may include establishing a workplace health and safety plan, providing personal protective equipment for your staff, and enhancing routine sanitization procedures. Another measure you can take is to provide tests for your staff. There are many ways for your staff to get tested, but which way is the safest way to test your employees for Covid-19 in Dallas?

Why is onsite testing the safest option?

Onsite testing is easily the safest way for your staff to get tested for Covid-19. A mobile medical service will send a nurse (or team of nurses, depending on the size of your business) to your workplace. They will set up a designated testing location, typically in an office or private room, and administer the test to participating employees.

Since tests are administered by licensed clinicians, they will have access to tests with faster results. This enables you to respond more quickly to a positive case so you can have your workplace sanitized and affected employees quarantine to help prevent the spread.

The drawbacks of other types of tests

DIY tests, which are kits that can be distributed among your staff at your office, must be self-administered by employees. These tests can be incorrectly administered, and incorrect sanitization of the testing room can lead to an accidental outbreak. Further, it takes several days for results to return, during which time an infected employee could transmit the virus to others.

Local testing centers, regardless of whether they are located at a clinic, a drive-in center, or a doctor’s office, always carry the potential risk of exposure to an active case of Covid-19. Since it takes several days for the virus to incubate, it’s possible for an employee to contract the virus at the testing site, receive a negative test result, and go on to infect other staff once symptoms begin to manifest.

Why choose onsite testing for your staff?

Beyond the element of safety, there are a lot of advantages to providing onsite testing for your staff as opposed to relying on them to get tested.

Onsite tests are a streamlined and organized process

Onsite testing takes place on a predetermined day so that you don’t need to keep track of who has or hasn’t gotten testing on their own time. You can rest assured that everyone on staff has been tested in a simple, straightforward process.

Ongoing tests help keep the virus out

One-time tests can help detect an outbreak on one occasion, which is, of course, nothing to sneeze at. However, ongoing tests can help regularly prevent outbreaks, which is especially valuable since there’s no telling how long the pandemic will last.

There’s no need to rely on DIY tests

DIY tests are an alternative way to provide testing to your staff at your workplace. However, there are a few things to keep in mind about these tests. You’ll first need to research how to provide onsite tests in compliance with local regulations. You will also need to have your staff self-administer these tests, after which you will be responsible for collecting the tests, sending them to a lab, and then determining what to do if someone on staff does test positive.

You can spare yourself the hassle of research

Onsite tests help ensure that you are in compliance with local rules and regulations. You don’t have to do any homework to find out what you can or can’t do, as this information will be provided to you by your medical service.

Tests are administered by experienced professionals

Since onsite tests are administered by licensed clinicians, you can rest assured that the tests are performed correctly. Further, the nurses can provide medical guidance for your employee and your staff if someone does test positive so that you don’t have to.


The Safest Way To Test Your Employees For Covid-19 Is At Your Workplace

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