How To Get A Same Day Covid-19 Test In Atlanta

If you live in Atlanta and just found out you need a Covid-19 test, you are probably eager to get answers as quickly as possible. Drip Hydration explores the ways you can get a same day Covid-19 test in Atlanta to help you decide what’s best for you.

Same-day Covid-19 testing sites in Atlanta

Please note that before a test can be given, you must complete a brief health screening. Many providers require that you create an account on their online portal to complete the health screen before checking in at a location for your test.

Understanding the available tests

Before you book an appointment, it’s important to know which test you want to take. Below, we review the available tests for current infection and their pros and cons.


This test is the most accurate Covid-19 test, considered the “gold standard” to which other tests aspire. The RT-PCR test detects the genetic material of the Covid-19 virus. Administered via nasal swab or a saliva sample, this test requires lab processing, making the fastest turnaround time approximately 48-72 hours. This test is the most commonly used at public testing sites.

Rapid antigen

Rapid antigen tests are less accurate than the RT-PCR, with 1 in 5 false negative results. This test detects the protein layer encasing the virus itself. Although this test is less accurate, its power lies in its speed, producing results in 15 minutes without lab processing.

This makes the test attractive for use on a mass scale, allowing the majority of infected people to be identified and isolated to avoid the spread of infection. This is why this test is quickly becoming a popular tool among employers and event planners.

Accula rapid PCR test

Like the RT-PCR test, the Accula Rapid PCR Test detects the RNA of the Covid-19 virus itself and is highly accurate. However, the Accula test achieves this in 30 minutes – without the need for lab processing.

This makes the test highly valuable for those in need of high accuracy without sacrificing speed, i.e., healthcare workers, those at high risk of severe symptoms, and their families. The Accula test is currently only available from select healthcare providers.

What you should know before you go

There are numerous sites throughout the metro Atlanta area offering Covid-19 testing, but not all of them offer the same services or options. People who want a specific test should call ahead or check the website to make sure it’s available at the location you plan to visit. Sites may also have various limitations; they may be walk-up or drive-thru only, only serve certain age groups (i.e., children and seniors), or limit the number of people in a car or group that can get tested at once.

This can be very frustrating for people with accessibility needs in excess of legal requirements, families with household members of various ages, or people who want particular tests. The need for household members to make separate trips to get tested also puts the family at increased risk of exposure to the virus while seeking testing.

In-home Covid-19 testing services are safer and faster

Atlanta residents looking to skip these hassles may want to consider getting tested at home. On-site medical service providers like Drip Hydration will send a nurse to your home to administer Covid-19 tests to you and your household.

Depending on the type of test you choose, the nurse will either process the results onsite or bring the samples back to a lab for processing. Should anyone test positive, you will get advice on the next steps you need to take to get better and keep others safe.



Let Drip Hydration Bring Testing To You Today

With a call or a click, you can schedule one of our Registered Nurses to come to your house and administer Covid-19 tests to you and your family. We offer mobile RT-PCR, Accula Rapid PCR, and antibody testing services. PPO insurance holders may be eligible for partial reimbursement in addition to our group discounts. Get tested in the comfort of your own home – reach out to us today!

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