How To Get An Onsite Same-Day Covid Test For Austin Businesses And Events

As a business or event-planner in Austin, you have a lot on your plate, and trying to understand all the new guidelines can be overwhelming. On-site testing has emerged as a valuable tool to contain and prevent the spread of Covid-19 – read on for more info on how it can give you peace of mind in uncertain times.

RT-PCR tests: accurate but impractical for large groups

The test most commonly used at public testing sites is the RT-PCR test, which requires lab processing to produce results in 48-72 hours. This test, while the most accurate, isn’t practical for business or for large events.

Requiring people to get tested beforehand means they could be exposed between the time they receive the test and enter your space. Testing on-site but not getting results until days later still means that, should anyone test positive, employees and patrons were exposed to the virus.

Rapid Covid tests: a more efficient solution for businesses and events

This is where rapid tests come in. Although rapid antigen tests are slightly less accurate than the RT-PCR, with a 1 in 5 false positive ratio, they can produce results in as little as 10-15 minutes. The speed of these tests make large group screenings for workplaces or event pre-entry requirements for unvaccinated individuals much more manageable.

Certain healthcare providers also have access to rapid PCR diagnostics, such as the Accula Rapid PCR test. This test combines the accuracy of RT-PCR with the speed of antigen tests and can provide answers in as little as 30 minutes.

How can I get same-day Covid-19 testing for my Austin business or event?

Some employers and event planners have looked to DIY testing kits as a testing option. At present, DIY kits contain RT-PCR tests that require lab processing.

The first rapid antigen testing kits were authorized by the FDA in December 2020. However, they are not yet in full production and aren’t expected to be widely available until fall 2021. This means the kits will debut at a much higher price point than the estimated $30 per test once they are plentiful on retail shelves.

Business owners looking for options to test employees should be warned that there are many new guidelines and forms required for employee testing in addition to administering, collecting, and shipping the samples. Businesses unprepared to deal with these aspects of testing may benefit from utilizing mobile testing services like Drip Hydration.

How does onsite testing with a medical service work?

Mobile Covid-19 testing services in Austin will send one or more nurses to your workspace or event to administer rapid tests to employees and/or attendees. The nurse will process the rapid test onsite, and if anyone tests positive, they will give advice on what next steps should be taken to keep everyone safe.


Drip Hydration Takes The Headache Out Of Rapid Covid Tests In Austin

Whether you need rapid testing for employees at your small business or multiple testing stations for your large event, Drip Hydration can help. Our mobile testing services are administered by Registered Nurses specially trained to administer Covid-19 tests.

Our experts are available to help you with your testing plan, whether it’s navigating the required employee procedures required by law, or advice on how to lay out your event testing area to best prevent the spread of Covid-19. Businesses and events of all sizes can benefit from our progressive group discounts and ongoing contract incentives. Reach out for a consultation with us today!