Can You Get A Same Day Rapid Covid Test In Dallas?

Dallas residents who need a Covid-19 test may need results fast, whether to fulfill travel requirements or because of exposure to the virus. Where can you get a same-day rapid Covid test in Dallas? Which test do you need? Keep reading to learn more.

Choosing the right test

The most common rapid test available at health clinics or mass testing sites is the rapid antigen test. The rapid antigen test produces results in just 15 minutes or less, but is notably less accurate than the RT-PCR, the test with the highest accuracy that is considered the gold standard. Recently, a rapid version of the PCR test has become more widely available, but is not yet as accessible as the rapid antigen.

If you are getting tested to fulfill travel requirements, it’s important to pay attention to what type of test is required. For example, Hawaii’s Pre-travel Covid-19 Testing Program requires a negative PCR test. Showing up with a negative antigen test instead may result in you missing your flight, or worse – being forced to spend your time in Hawaii in quarantine.

It’s also important to check the CDC’s current travel recommendations before you fly to avoid any unexpected surprises at your destination.

Where can I get a same-day rapid Covid-19 test in Dallas?

Dallas residents have several same-day testing options. Some of these locations will require an appointment and/or pre-screening questionnaire.

There is always a small risk of exposing yourself or others to Covid-19 at clinics and community testing centers. People who live with those in vulnerable groups may want to consider getting an in-home test.


Get Tested At Home In Dallas With Drip Hydration

Instead of risking exposure to Covid-19 in the process of getting tested, let Drip Hydration come to you. You can book an appointment online or call to arrange for one of our Registered Nurses to visit your Dallas home and administer Covid-19 tests to you and anyone else in your household who needs a test.

We offer rapid antigen and rapid Accula PCR testing, meaning you’ll have the information you need in 30 minutes or less. We’re ready to help – reach out to us for a rapid Covid test in Dallas today!