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How To Get The Same-Day Rapid PCR Test In Denver

Covid testing is the new normal now and is required in specific instances like reporting back to work after getting exposed to somebody who tested positive. In some cases, you have to present a negative test when traveling or to attend concerts or other public events. There are different types of Covid tests that you can get. The difference lies in the kind of test you must take and the timeframe you need the test results. Understanding what type of test you will need will allow you to know how the test works.

What is the difference between RT-PCR and rapid PCR tests?

Two of the most popular tests for Covid are RT-PCR and the rapid PCR test. Although they both have ‘PCR’ in the name, they work a little differently.


RT-PCR stands for reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, the “gold standard” in Covid testing that allows the detection and amplification of the virus’ RNA. This test can help direct the detection of viral nucleic acid, which, if it is present, means that the person has an active case of Covid-19. This test must be sent to a lab for processing, and results are typically available in 1 – 3 business days.

Rapid PCR test

This test uses the same type of technology as the RT-PCR. Like its standard cousin, this test can detect RNA or genetic material of the virus. Unlike the RT-PCR, this test can be processed onsite and produce result in as little as 30 minutes.

What are the advantages of rapid testing?

Rapid testing is an ideal option if you have a specific timeframe that you need to meet to get the test results. For example, if you are traveling, rapid testing is the best option because there is no question you will get your test results within the timeframe required by most travel authorities.

If you have been exposed to somebody who tested positive, you will be required to quarantine for ten days or get rapid results testing. If you are negative, then you can resume going back to work without completing any quarantine requirements.

Where can you get same-day testing in Denver?

If you are looking for a same-day rapid PCR test in Denver, many places offer this test, including:

In-Home Tests With Drip Hydration

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