How To Get A Same-Day Covid-19 Test For Businesses And Events In NJ

New Jersey event planners and businesses are eager to resume operations once restrictions lift entirely as of June 2021. But with the joy of reopening comes the responsibility to keep unvaccinated people safe. Read on for more information about how same-day results Covid testing in NJ is a valuable tool to keep your workspace or event location safe for everyone.

How testing on-site makes a difference

The tests most commonly used at free testing sites and by healthcare providers is the RT-PCR test. While this test is the most accurate available, samples must be processed in a lab, meaning the earliest you could get results is 48-72 hours later.

Obviously, the long turnaround times present a challenge for employers and event planners who are trying to weed out positive cases to prevent the virus from spreading in their spaces. Just 15 minutes of being within 6 feet of someone with Covid-19 is considered exposure, which means requiring potentially multiple employees or vendors to be sent home and not return to the workplace for 2 weeks. The safest practice for an event or business is to prevent the virus from entering at all.

Rapid tests seek to solve this problem. Rapid antigen tests can produce results in 10-15 minutes. Although they are less accurate with a 1 in 5 false negative ratio, the quick turnaround time makes getting on-site, same-day Covid-19 testing for your NJ business or event a much more feasible practice. The best way to keep everyone safe from Covid-19 is to prevent it from entering your worksite or event space.

If accuracy is of the utmost importance (ie, you have an employee or attendee who has had an organ transplant and thus does not benefit from immunity through vaccination), the Accula Rapid PCR test may be your answer. The Accula test has the same accuracy as the RT-PCR, but can produce results in 30 minutes without lab processing.

How can my NJ business or event get on-site, same-day results Covid-19 testing?

Some businesses and planners have explored DIY kits as an option. In December 2020 the FDA authorized the first rapid antigen DIY kits. The first shipment has already hit the U.S., but they won’t be at full production until Autumn this year. The lack of availability will likely result in the kits being priced much higher until they are readily available on retail shelves, at which point they are expected to be priced at $30 per test.

Another challenge employers and planners may have is navigating the numerous local guidelines that employers must follow when testing. A few forms must be signed and confidentiality must be strictly guarded, which can be challenging to navigate in an intimate workplace. If you aren’t equipped to take on the tasks of preparing these yourself, you may benefit from using a mobile Covid-19 testing service like Drip Hydration.

How does onsite testing work?

Mobile Covid-19 testing services in New Jersey will send a nurse (or a team of nurses, for large groups) to your workplace or event location. They will bring all needed supplies to administer tests to employees, vendors, and/or attendees. If anyone tests positive, they will tell you the next steps required to keep everyone safe and healthy.


Let Drip Hydration Handle Testing While You Handle Business

Whether you’re a small business in need of employee testing or running a large corporate event, Drip Hydration can make safety easier. Our experts don’t just handle testing – we can help you create strategies and procedures in compliance with suggested practices, and advise on how to lay out a testing area to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We can also help guide you through employee confidentiality, document requirements, and sick time guidelines surrounding Covid-19 to ensure you maintain your professional relationships. We’re ready and waiting to help you resume business – call or click the button below today!