How to Get a Sleep and Stress Panel in Las Vegas?

Proper sleeping habits can alter your health and overall well-being positively. The same can be said for minimizing the stress levels that you are experiencing. A sleep and stress panel can help ensure that these two things are working for you to achieve proper rest.

What is a sleep and stress panel?

A sleep and stress panel measures the amount of cortisol and melatonin in your body. These two specific hormones directly contribute to the common causes of stress and difficulty sleeping.

Cortisol is released by the adrenal gland and is responsible for your body’s response to stress. When cortisol levels are high, your body responds to high-stress levels, which can affect sleeping patterns and health.

On the other hand, melatonin is released by the pineal gland in the brain, which can help control sleep cycles.

What are the benefits of sleep and stress panels?

The sleep and stress panel is a series of blood tests that can help measure specific hormones. This test helps determine if an individual is struggling with sleep and stress.

Once the results are processed, a medical professional will go over the results and provide guidance that will help manage stress and get more sleep. The main function of sleep is to help your body recover and heal naturally. Lack of sleep can translate to stress, irritability, and fatigue which can interfere with your everyday life.