How to Get a Sleep and Stress Panel in Philadelphia

If you struggle to get enough sleep or enough good-quality sleep, you can have a sleep and stress panel done to get to the root of what is causing your sleep issues. Additionally, if you live in Philadelphia, you can have this test done at home.

This article will discuss what a sleep and stress panel is, its top potential benefits, and how in-home treatments work.

What is a sleep and stress panel?

A sleep and stress panel is a group of blood tests that check your levels of certain hormones important for good sleep. This test can determine what is causing you to have sleep issues.

Specifically, these blood tests check your levels of the following hormones:

What are the top potential benefits of a sleep and stress panel?

Having a sleep and stress panel done is an important step in the process of determining what is causing your sleep problems. This test will identify the levels of four different hormones in your body. The imbalance can be treated and corrected if there is an imbalance (too much or not enough) of any of these hormones. Fixing the hormone imbalance will get your sleep back to normal.

How do in-home treatments work?

If you choose in-home treatment, a medical professional will come to your home to administer the sleep and stress panel. They will then take the blood samples to a lab to be analyzed. Once the results are ready, you will be given your results and have a consultation to go over any necessary treatment.