How to Get a Stem Cell Therapy in New Jersey 

There are tons of conditions that people live with daily that cause them great pain and suffering, and there’s not a lot that modern medicine can do about it. For these people, take pain medication or participate in therapy just to be able to cope with the problems their illness gives them. At Drip Hydration, we believe no patient should suffer like that if there are other alternatives available. Thanks to advances in modern medicine, many of these formerly untreatable illnesses can be treated thanks to the work of stem cells in conjunction with conventional medicine. By combining the two things, doctors can now repair damage to the body and treat the residual effects rather than just asking about the problem.

Stem cell therapy has been able to work wonders for many patients and continues to be a groundbreaking field of study and experimentation.

Stem Cells Explained

If you’re unfamiliar with what stem cells are, that’s ok; they’ve only really begun to be studied in recent years. A stem cell is essentially a building block for the body. It has all the marking of a bodily cell, without any programmings that send it to a specific cell. If you think of it logically, it’s like an undeclared student in college; they’re there, they have all the options laid out in front of them, they just haven’t picked anything yet.

With stem cell therapy, doctors can take raw stem cells, insert them into a part of the body and then program them to do what is needed, such as fix damaged tissue or become new nerve cells.

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In-Home Stem Cell IV Therapy With Drip Hydration

Stem cells and IV therapy is a great method to restore your body at a cellular level. Treatments can help with restoring muscle strength, healing injuries, reducing inflammation, and decreasing pain. This is an innovative treatment that will help you feel healthier while allowing your body to focus on what needs to be repaired.

Drip Hydration offers stem cells and IV therapy in the comfort of your home. The first step in the process is to contact us for information, such as how to schedule an appointment and any other medical process’. You will get a consultation with a medical professional to develop a plan that focuses on your specific goals. Lab tests will be completed to ensure you can efficiently and safely receive the therapy. At the time of your appointment, the treatment will be administered by a medical professional and is complete in about one hour.

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