How to Get Stomach Flu IV Therapy in Philadelphia

No one enjoys being sick, and having the stomach flu can be very distressing. The symptoms can make it difficult to do the things you need to do, and going to the doctor or emergency room is not appealing either. That’s when the option to get an at-home stomach flu IV is much easier on a person and much safer. Drip Hydration offers a stomach flu IV that is able to help relieve some of the symptoms of your flu, making it more bearable.

What’s in the stomach flu IV?

Our stomach flu IV treatment is formulated specifically to replenish the body and relieve the symptoms of the flu. Each IV includes electrolytes and fluids as well as complex B vitamins Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Pepcid, and Zofran.

The stomach flu can drain the body of fluids and essential nutrients, making it important to stay hydrated. An IV is able to give the body back what it needs quickly and efficiently compared to over-the-counter medications.

How does an at-home IV work?

When you schedule an appointment for an at-home stomach flu IV with us, there are no hidden fees, and it doesn’t take weeks to get an appointment. Our trained staff come straight to your door, administer the IV treatment and leave you free to enjoy the rest of your day.

It can be hard to even get out of bed, much less go to the doctor for treatment when you have the stomach flu. By choosing an at-home IV, you don’t have to deal with the headache or put yourself at risk.

Safe, At-Home Flu Shots And Covid-19 Tests

Getting a flu shot is a quick and easy way to protect yourself and those around you from contracting influenza. Drip Hydration makes getting your yearly shot effortless with in-home medical care. One of our registered nurses will arrive at your home to administer the vaccine. Our nurses wear medical-grade personal protective equipment and adhere to social distancing as much as possible during your appointment to help ensure your safety.