How to Get a Telemedicine Appointment in Chicago

While it is important to go to the doctor when we feel sick, with our busy schedules and the current health concerns in the aftermath of Covid 19, it can be difficult and even scary to think about going to a doctor. However, with recent advancements in both medical and communication technology, it is now possible to see a doctor in your own home via a telemedicine appointment.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the practice of using video conferencing to schedule and host doctors’ appointments remotely with patients. With telemedicine, patients can see a doctor from the comfort of their homes and get reliable diagnoses and treatment options. It’s especially useful for most common illnesses and conditions and the elderly who have trouble making it to the doctor.

It’s even possible to get referrals for prescription refills and to see specialists if necessary. For those worried about exposure to Covid, this is a much safer and more convenient option for the whole family to get the medical care they need without leaving home.

How does it work?

The process of scheduling an appointment is fairly simple. So long as you have internet and access to video calls, you can set up a telemedicine appointment online. Simply fill out the contact form, pick your appointment time, and you’re good to go. A doctor will contact you at the scheduled time, and your appointment will proceed like a regular doctor visit.

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Telemedicine is an extremely effective method for individuals with busy routines who cannot take out time for doctor’s appointments. At their convenience, they may call the practitioner and discuss their health condition with them. It not only helps inaccurate diagnosis but can assist in monitoring, care, advice, reminders, intervention, education, and remote admissions.

We offer telemedicine consultations that provide immediate, quality health care for both primary and urgent care needs.