How to Get a Telemedicine Appointment in Philadelphia

The COVID pandemic showed us how difficult it could be to get the necessary healthcare when you cannot leave your home for some reason. People suffered a lot when they could not get basic healthcare during the lockdown, and that’s when telemedicine flourished. It is the future of medicine!

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the practice of offering healthcare via online platforms. Leading medical personnel practice telemedicine, treating patients without physically visiting them. It promotes long-distance patient-doctor communication that allows patients to get treated by recommended doctors from anywhere around the globe!

How does it work?

It requires a secure internet connection and a smart device like your mobile phone. You consult a doctor via calling them, and they see your symptoms, hear your complaints, and prescribe you medication! It takes the hassle of moving and the risk of getting contagious diseases totally out of the equation!

Is it better than routine visits to the clinic?

Physically going to the clinic for routine checkups and consults is a thing of the past. It brings added work, added cost, and added trouble. On the contrary, telemedicine allows you to get in the same room with the doctor of your choice without leaving the comfort of your home. So, unless the matter needs immediate medical equipment and monitoring, telemedicine is way better than constant visits to the clinic.