Can You Test Employees For Covid In Dallas Before They Come To Work?

The return to the office can be nerve-wracking for employers. All it would take is one small Covid-19 outbreak to cause a major rift in the company’s operations as groups of employees will have to quarantine. If you’re in the corporate sphere and considering bringing people back to the office, you may be wondering if you can test employees for Covid in Dallas before they return to the workplace. This article will explore this question and share further information on corporate Covid-19 testing.

Can you test employees for Covid in Dallas?

It is encouraged for business owners to provide testing options for employees, but it’s not a legal requirement.

Employers can require staff to submit to testing per the EEOC’s guidance, as the virus poses a threat to the health and wellness of all staff members. However, in Texas, employers cannot require staff who were previously sick to provide proof of a negative test before returning to the workplace.

In the event of an employee testing positive for Covid-19, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services has recommended that corporations follow CDC guidelines and determine any potentially exposed coworkers, request that they get tested, and initiate a required quarantine for these employees.

How to keep employees safe from Covid-19

You may be wondering what steps you can take to help prevent a Covid-19 outbreak in your office. Although you can’t require your employees to get tested before returning to the office, there are plenty of other steps you can take to keep your employees safe and keep your office running efficiently.

  • Post signage at office bulletin boards sharing tips to prevent the spread of infection, such as frequent hand washing, wearing masks when in crowded spaces, and frequently wiping down surfaces.
  • Ask employees to fill out weekly wellness questionnaires asking if anyone is feeling ill or has traveled recently. This can help employees report any sickness early on and minimize the potential spread.
  • Although you cannot require employees to test for Covid, you can inquire if this is something they’d want to do. If employees do want to be tested for their own peace of mind, you can organize onsite testing for those who do want to participate.

How to test employees for Covid in Dallas

On-site testing is by far the easiest way to test a group of employees. You can do this with Covid testing services that come directly to your workplace to test your staff.

Certified nurses will come out with all of the required paperwork and supplies. Regularly testing employees for Covid is one of the best ways to keep everyone safe and prevent an outbreak, as you can catch an active case before it has had the chance to spread.


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