What’s The Best Way To Get Wedding Guests Tested For Covid In Miami?

Planning for any wedding has always been a significant undertaking. However, planning a wedding during a global pandemic has added a new layer to the complexity. However, one of the best approaches you can take is to test your wedding guests for Covid in Miami.

How to test wedding guests for Covid in Miami

While many wedding planners and bridal parties focus on social distancing and mask wearing to help keep their guests safe, testing is one of the best ways to have a stress-free evening. Testing your guests at the door helps prevent an active case of Covid-19 from entering the venue. This is especially valuable for asymptomatic individuals.

There are two ways to get your guests tested for Covid before your wedding.

Self-reporting Covid tests

If you are already planning on having guests test in advance, you can always rely on them to self-report their results from an offsite testing center, which you can find at the free Miami-Dade Covid-19 Testing Site Finder. While there are many testing locations, the additional time and travel for you and your guests becomes more work.

It’s also possible that your guest could be exposed to the virus in the time between their test and your wedding, meaning that their negative test result doesn’t actually reflect whether or not they are infected.

DIY tests

Your guests can also get a DIY test which can be self-administered at their home. If you are considering DIY testing options, there are a few things to consider.

  • Self-tests require that individuals perform the tests themselves. Especially in asymptomatic individuals at the time of testing, an improper swab may result in a false-negative test result. That means that their test will show that they do not have Covid even though the individual is actively infectious.
  • RT-PCR DIY tests require each individual to perform the test themselves, send the sample to a lab, and then wait for the results. This may not be the most convenient option for your wedding guests.
  • Rapid antigen DIY tests can be processed at the patient’s home, but these tests have a 1 in 5 chance of returning incorrect results.

Onsite Covid testing with a professional medical service

You can also provide rapid onsite testing for your guests. A mobile onsite testing service will come to your location and test guests when they arrive, but before they enter the venue.

Our tests are conducted by medical professionals who are trained in administering Covid tests. That means that the likelihood of a false test result is drastically lowered. Additionally, because tests can produce results in as little as 15 minutes, testing will only be a small part of your guests’ day.

After your guests have been tested and receive a negative result, they are free to enjoy the night and help you celebrate without the concern of spreading infection.


Celebrate Your Wedding In Miami With Peace Of Mind

The best way to test wedding guests for Covid in Miami is at your wedding venue with Drip Hydration. You can rest assured that everyone at your wedding is Covid-free with our rapid antigen or rapid Accula PCR test. Our team of registered nurses will ensure that all tests are performed properly and provide further guidance if someone tests positive.

Call us today for a custom consultation. Let us help you celebrate your big day safely!