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The 5 Best Home Hangover Cures in LA & California Cities

When you have a hangover, you want relief fast. Hangovers can disrupt an entire day, causing you to miss valuable work or study time. Regardless of how your hangover symptoms manifest themselves, you probably aren’t going to want to leave your house if you can help it. That’s where home hangover cures come to the rescue.

The term ‘hangover’ refers to a collection of symptoms that we generally experience when we’ve had too much to drink, which is part of what makes them so difficult to cure.

Hangovers affect people in different ways. Some aren’t bothered by them very much; some can’t leave the home; some people get nauseous; others get terrible headaches. Regardless of how your hangover symptoms manifest themselves, you probably aren’t going to want to leave your house if you can help it. Here are our top five hangover cures in Los Angeles.

hangover cures1. Eat and Drink Before You Sleep

While preparing a late-night meal might be the last thing on your mind when you’ve had a great night out, having one more nosh before bed is a preventative step you can take to minimize the symptoms of a hangover.

Food doesn’t absorb alcohol, but it does help your body restore some of the vitamins and nutrients you’ve lost while drinking, which in turn helps you feel better faster.

Some people opt for greasy food like bacon and eggs, but you can achieve the same effect by eating healthy food too. Toast, cereal, and oatmeal are all great choices that are gentle on stomach, which is especially useful if you’re feeling nauseous and the thought of a full meal makes you sick to the stomach.

2. Hangover Pills

Hangover curesDepending on which type you get, hangover pills can do a couple of different things.

  • Some are designed to be used after drinking to help you feel better after drinking too much and are packed with powdered electrolytes and vitamins. While similar to sports drinks, the concentration of these hangover-fighting remedies is far higher.
  • Some are intended to be used before drinking as a preventative step. The idea with these types is to ensure your body has a reserve of vitamins and electrolytes. You’ll be losing both of these throughout the night, so working from a hearty supply can help reduce your chances of developing a hangover.

Hangover pills are great if you happen to have some on hand, or if your local grocery delivery service can bring some to your doorstep.

3. Painkillers

Painkillers will help your head stop feeling as though it’s about to split open from a headache. Some people swear by taking a couple of ibuprofen before going to sleep for the night, but if it’s too late for that, then painkillers should help you get through your day.

On their own, painkillers won’t cure a hangover. We recommend combining painkillers with adequate water intake and healthy food options to help restore the normal levels of vitamins, minerals, and fluids in your body.

4. Hydration

It’s no secret that staying hydrated is the best way to not only avoid a hangover but help cure one too. Water, Gatorade, and Pedialyte are all great options that most people keep on hand. Gatorade and Pedialyte contain electrolytes to help restore your body’s reserves.

5. Direct-Delivery IV Treatments

how to boost your immune systemIf you haven’t heard about direct-delivery IV therapy for hangovers, you may think it sounds too good to be true. Drip Hydration is a mobile IV service with direct-to-you delivery in Los Angeles within an hour or less. Whether you’re at home, at a hotel, at a friend’s house, or soldiering through a day at work, we deliver IV treatments to you wherever you are.

IV therapy rehydrates your body, flushes out toxins, and restores vitamins and minerals lost during a night of drinking. Treatments generally last 30 – 60 minutes. Our formula contains pain relievers as well as anti-nausea medication to help further relieve your symptoms.

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When you’re looking for the best hangover cure in Los Angeles, look no further than Drip Hydration. We’ll help you get back on your feet and ready to meet your day within an hour of treatment.