hangover remedy mistakes

The 5 Biggest Hangover Remedy Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

Hangovers are hard on your body, but recovery doesn’t have to be. Here are the 5 biggest hangover remedy mistakes and how you can avoid them so you can get back to feeling well quickly.

1. Not Drinking Enough Water

hangover remedy mistakesYou’ve no doubt heard the age-old advice to drink plenty of water to help prevent a hangover. That advice isn’t much good if you already have a hangover. However, no matter how nauseous you might feel or how much your stomach might ache, not rehydrating yourself can delay how quickly you feel normal.

  • Top tip: Drink plenty of water when you’re recovering from a hangover. If available, warm beverages may soothe your stomach.

2. Drinking the Wrong Beverage

hangover remedy mistakesDrinking the wrong type of beverage can be just as harmful as not drinking enough during your recovery. These three types of beverages can hinder how fast you can get past your hangover.

  1. Coffee may help you feel more awake at work, but it’s a diuretic and can dehydrate you.
  2. Soda is carbonated, which helps with sour stomachs, and the sweet flavor is appealing to your palate. However, just like coffee, soda can actually dehydrate you. Although it may not be as tasty, choose water over soda if you can. Fruit juice and sports beverages are other great alternatives.
  3. More alcohol, more colloquially known as ‘the hair of the dog’, is an option some people turn to in order to feel better. Symptoms of hangovers start when your blood alcohol level hits zero, so it’s true that you can postpone symptoms by starting off your day with another drink. However, your hangover will eventually catch up with you in this method.
  • Top tip: Water is your best friend when you’re trying to get rid of a hangover. Fruit juice, sports beverages, coconut water, and oral rehydration solutions can help restore nutrients in addition to rehydrating you for a double bonus.

3. Not Eating

hangover remedy mistakes

Although your stomach may feel like it’s never going to be ready to eat anything again, food can help absorb some of the alcohol in your stomach. Food also contains essential proteins, fats, and vitamins to restore your body’s supplies of these nutrients. Eating will accelerate how quickly your body can get back into balance after a night of heavy drinking.

  • Top tip: If you can’t stomach a full meal straight away, opt for stomach-friendly options like bananas, toast, rice, or oatmeal. Crackers are another easy-to-digest option when you’re nauseous.

4. Staying Awake

hangover remedy mistakesSleep is the best medicine when it comes to recovering from a hangover. As tempting as it to squeeze some entertainment out of your day, whether it’s by watching a movie, bingeing your new favorite show, or scrolling through social media, getting some shut-eye is the best thing you can do for your body. In some cases, it may be more comfortable to sleep rather than endure a pounding headache.

  • Top tip: If you have to work or have a busy schedule after a night out, try to take a nap. Even an hour-long power nap can do wonders for your body and your wellbeing.

5. Not Letting Your Body Recover

Hangovers are hard on your body. Give yourself time to recover and take care of yourself before jumping back into another night of drinking. The fewer opportunities you give your body to recover, the more likely you are to feel worse not just the morning after, but throughout your week.

  • Top tip: Space your heavy drinking nights by one or two days. When you do plan to have a big night out, try to eat before you go out, drink plenty of liquids, and take an anti-inflammatory before you go to bed to help minimize your chance of waking up with a hangover in the morning.

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