The Benefit of the Master Molecule: Glutathione

The Benefit of the Master Molecule: Glutathione

IV Glutathione TreatmentGlutathione is a name you’ve probably never heard before, but if you are determined to stay healthy and active especially if you are living and a dynamic environment like Los Angeles, it’s one that you should get to know. Glutathione is known in the medical industry as an essential antioxidant that helps in the fight against diseases. This little molecule is powerful and has been applied in cancer research. An example of how glutathione has been utilized in treating cancer specifically is found in how it handles toxic treatments. Take the instance of a woman with ovarian cancer being treated intravenously using glutathione. Consequently, this patient experienced fewer of the side effects associated with chemotherapy and was able to benefit from the higher overall survival rates link to IV glutathione.
Those with no actual medical conditions have also felt the benefit of using glutathione as a method of increasing the performance of their body’s immune system, while also benefiting from the detoxifying effects of glutathione. By increasing their glutathione levels they have been able to increase their overall sense of health and well-being.



Defining Glutathione and What It Does

Glutathione as stated above is a molecule that works to help people fight disease and injury. However, once inside your stomach glutathione’s peptide bonds are broken down by your stomach acid. This is why having glutathione intravenously delivered via an IV is the most effective way of benefiting from the molecule. Intravenous glutathione therapy can treat a myriad of disorders including heart disease, cancer, aging, dementia, and other chronic issues. This is why glutathione has become popular in the treatment of discomfort and the promotion of wellness.
The actual make up of glutathione is a collection of proteins and amino acids specifically glycine, cysteine, and glutamine. As a simple molecule glutathione is known as the mother or master antioxidant. The reason for this nick name is that it is capable of regenerating itself within the liver to help further fight off free radicals.
If you are familiar with free radicals, you will know that they are a normal byproduct of cellular metabolic oxidation as well as toxic overload. Free radicals are often harmful to the body, leading to auto immune disease, some types of cancer, and even heart attacks. Consequently, to avoid these issues doctors recommend steering clear of pollution, bad food, and other toxins, while at the same time opting for an occasional IV treatment utilizing glutathione.


Glutathione, Aging, Healing

According to research glutathione not only helps to reduce the rate and frequency of inflammation, but it also helps to fight aging. Part of this is the link between inflammation and aging, but it also has to do with glutathione’s effect on the immune system. Under certain circumstances, raising glutathione levels has been shown to increase a person’s endurance and strength, lowering their recovery time, putting their metabolism into high gear, and decreasing the damage done to muscles that are injured. This is why glutathione is popular amongst athletes looking to increase their performance overtime, as well as reduce the frequency and length of downtime caused by injuries.
Glutathione also helps the body reduce the appearance of aging on a cellular level by maintaining healthy mitochondrial cellular growth. This is also connected to cancer prevention as malfunctioning mitochondria has been linked to the occurrence of cancer and many patients. Again, this is linked to the presence of toxins and ever present free radicals that create an unhealthy cellular terrain that is ripe for faulty cellular behavior that leads to cancer and diseases.