How to Get a Thyroid Panel in Chicago

Knowing where you are with your health is important as you age. Getting certain things tested regularly is always a good idea. Getting a thyroid panel in Chicago is quick and easy.

What is a thyroid panel?

The thyroid is an organ responsible for helping the body regulate how it uses energy. If it is not functioning properly, it can cause an array of problems in the body and, left untreated, can lead to other health issues. Getting this tested is easy. This is done by taking a blood test. Getting a thyroid panel helps your doctor understand how your thyroid is functioning. You will benefit from getting this test because if something is wrong, it will give insight on how to treat it and help you become healthier.

When to get a thyroid panel

Many thyroid-related diseases can cause certain symptoms. Issues with weight increases or decreases are the most common symptoms related to a thyroid issue. Other symptoms such as decreased or increased heart rate, extreme fatigue, and extra sensitivity to cold or hot may be other indicators of an improperly functioning thyroid.

In-home testing is available

Getting a thyroid test can be quick and easy. Testing is available at home versus going into a clinic. This alleviates the need to take time out of the day to travel to a clinic. With in-home lab tests, a medical professional will come to take a blood sample, send it off for testing, and contact you with the results.