How to Get a Urinary Health Panel in Las Vegas

The health of your urinary tract plays an important part in overall health and well-being. When your urinary tract is not performing properly, you can have urinary tract infections or other health conditions such as liver diseases or kidney diseases. Undergoing a urinary health panel test is a popular way to determine the overall health of your urinary tract.

What is a urinary health panel?

A urinary health panel consists of urinalysis and a urine culture. You will be asked to provide a urine sample, and this sample will be sent to a laboratory for processing. This testing usually entails your urine’s visual, chemical, and microscopic aspects. 

What are the benefits of a urinary health panel?

Your doctor can recommend a urinary health panel as part of your routine medical exam and use it as a way to screen for certain health conditions. It is also a vital test for people with kidney disease or diabetes. The most common reason for a urinary health panel is to detect Urinary Tract infections. It can help determine the type of bacteria causing the UTI so that you can get on a treatment course to get rid of it.

In-home treatments for urinary health panel

Utilizing a concierge medical company for a urinary health panel test is convenient because a medical professional can come to your house and collect the sample. In-home medical treatments and tests have been in increasing demand since the pandemic and are a new way that clients can get services.