How to Get a Urinary Health Panel in Nashville, TN

Urinary health is a vital contributor to your health and overall well-being. A urinary health panel will often be used to assess your urinary tract’s health.

What is a urinary health panel?

A urinary health panel is a urine test and urine culture that can help determine Urinary Tract Infections, kidney diseases, liver diseases, and diabetes. Your doctor can also recommend this type of testing if you are undergoing a checkup for surgery. 

Benefits of a urinary health panel

This test will analyze your urine through visual, microscopic, and chemical composition. Many different things can affect the appearance of urine, and this can include the supplements and food that you are in-taking. 

The chemical makeup of the urine sample will determine the presence of proteins which can help diagnose specific health conditions like heart failure, dehydration, or kidney issues. If high levels of glucose or sugar can be found in your sample, this can point to diabetes or gestational diabetes for pregnant women.

The most common use of urine culture is to determine the presence of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and to find out the specific type of bacteria causing this to eliminate it. 

In-home urinary health panel testing the 

Concierge medical services provide in-home testing of urinary health panels. With this testing, a medical professional will go to your home and collect the sample, providing convenience and privacy.

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