Using Vitamin B12 to Naturally Improve Energy and Mood

Using Vitamin B12 to Naturally Improve Energy and Mood

Using Vitamin B12 to Naturally Improve Energy and MoodIf you find yourself being run down you will likely be told to try drinking juice. This is because juices contain nutrients that can give you lots of focus and energy. One of them that the body thrives on is vitamin B 12. This little nutrient has been linked to the optimization of everything from mood, memory, concentration, to energy.
As a result many people opt for having B 12 vitamin rich food in the refrigerator is at all times, to stay energized and focused, especially if they live in busy, high traffic areas such as New York or Los Angeles. In this way, people are fighting against the symptoms of chronic fatigue and lethargy by utilizing natural supplements.
However, due to the nature of the stomach, vitamin B 12 is often broken down by our stomach enzymes taking away its potency. Additionally, this process delays the effect of the nutrient on the body. Consequently, one of the more effective methods available in-home to deliver vitamin B 12 is IV infusions.



Vitamin B 12 and Your Body

Using Vitamin B12 to Naturally Improve Energy

If you’re already eating plenty of fruits and vegetables that are rich and vitamin B 12 are taking supplements you will recognize a certain energetic feeling. However, you may not have experienced what a direct shot of B 12 into the bloodstream can do for the body. This is how it is delivered in hospitals as it enables the body to react quickly and heal faster thanks to its capacity to provide a spontaneous boost of energy.
Otherwise known as cobalamin, vitamin B12 is the nutrient that helps convert food into glucose providing the body with a boost of energy. Additionally, vitamin B 12 helps to increase the production of our DNA as well as red blood cells. Vitamin B 12 helps in the repair and regeneration of bone marrow and the lining of our gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. Vitamin B 12 has also been an essential part of repairing and energizing the nervous system especially the spinal cord and in combating the effects of megaloblastic anemia.


Taking Vitamin B12

In order to determine the amount of B 12 you should have, understand that your lifestyle as well as your age is a determinative factor. For example, a baby that’s six months older and younger should only get .4 µg (micrograms) of vitamin B 12, while a baby 7 to 12 months can take .5 µg. For an infant three years old the dosage recommends it is 1.9 µg, and for a child of 4 to 8 years the prescribed dosage is 1 to 12 µg. For preteens from 9 to 13, doctors recommend a dosage of 1.8 µg and for those 14 or older and in good health 2.4 µg of vitamin B 12 daily is recommended.
Additionally, those who are pregnant or breast-feeding should take somewhere between 2.6 and 2.8 µg for the sake of the weening child’s health. If you want to supplement your diet and include some B12 try meat fish eggs and of course dairy products. Also, you can also find vitamin B 12 fortified cereals as well as nutritional yeast.


Signs of B 12 Deficiency

It is recommended that you get a hyper dose of B 12 infusion if you find yourself to be deficient. Individuals suffering from conditions like Celiac’s disease, Crohn’s disease, and HIV are often B 12 deficient. Additionally, if you are a person who has a prescription for things like anti-seizure medications, antacid, add chemotherapy medications can benefit from B 12 infusions. Vegans, who also refrain from consuming dairy products, can stand to benefit from intravenous B 12 infusions.