Can a Vaccinated Person Contract and Spread COVID While Being Asymptomatic?

Can a vaccinated person spread COVID? This theory has been proven to be true. A vaccinated individual can spread COVID, even if they are asymptomatic.

Recent studies show only 14% to 20% of positive cases show symptoms. It is very possible to have COVID and not realize it. COVID is very transmissible from person to person, even if you are fully vaccinated.

How Can a Vaccinated Person Contract COVID?

Making sure you are fully vaccinated against COVID is your best defense. You can still contract the virus. Some research shows many individuals contract COVID during the first 2 weeks after the second dose because your immune system is still vulnerable.

Transmission from a vaccinated person is low but it can happen. Many people with weakened immune systems due to other chronic illnesses have a higher risk of contracting COVID from a fully vaccinated person.

Even if you are not showing symptoms and you are vaccinated, you should still take necessary precautions such as wearing a mask to keep the higher risk population safe. Fully vaccinated people are less likely to need to be hospitalized for severe symptoms. Do your part and get the vaccine.

Where Can I Get a COVID Test?

If you are vaccinated and think you have been in contact with someone with COVID or think you are showing the signs of the virus, get tested as soon as possible.

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