What Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan For North Carolina & Raleigh?

The Covid-19 vaccine was an unprecedented achievement in medicine, taking less than a year to develop and approve. Although it is effective at protecting the recipient from Covid-19, not everyone will be able to get a vaccine immediately. Like much of the rest of the country, the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine in Raleigh will initially depend on predetermined prioritization and the plan for North Carolina. Here’s what to expect over the next few months.

What is the vaccine distribution plan for Raleigh?

The vaccine arrived at these eleven locations across North Carolina in December 2020 and vaccinations began immediately. Raleigh will be following the vaccine distribution plan outlined by Gov. Cooper and HHS Secretary Dr. Cohen.

To summarize:

  • The vaccine is being distributed based on a predetermined prioritization list
  • There are four phases to the statewide vaccination plan
  • Each phase includes certain groups of people, starting with those in the highest risk categories

Who is included in each of the four phases?

  • Phase 1A: Healthcare workers, medical first responders, and staff and residents of long-term care facilities
  • Phase 1B: All adults over the age of 75 as well as essential workers
  • Phase 2: Adults who are at high risk of Covid-19 complications, such as those with preexisting conditions or a compromised immune system
  • Phase 3: K-12 and college/university students
  • Phase 4: Anyone who has not yet received a vaccine and wants to do so

Raleigh, along with the rest of North Carolina, is currently in Phase 1a, with healthcare workers and the staff and residents of long-term care facilities receiving the vaccine first. After the vaccine becomes widely available, everyone will be able to get the vaccine when they want to do so.

You can read about North Carolina’s Covid-19 vaccine distribution plan in detail at the NCDHHS Covid-19 Vaccine website.

Can you get the Covid-19 vaccine if you are pregnant?

Yes, you can get the vaccine for Covid-19 if you are pregnant. However, since the vaccine is so new, there are many unknown factors as to its safety during pregnancy. You can read more about vaccine considerations during pregnancy at the CDC’s website.


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