How to Get a Vaginal Health Panel in New York City 

When discussing women’s health, we often talk about hormones, reproductive health, menstruation, and other common issues, but sometimes vaginal health is overlooked. Getting a woman’s care can be time-consuming and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. It is now possible to get testing for vaginal health issues in the privacy of your home by getting a vaginal health panel test. 

What is a vaginal health panel? 

A vaginal health panel is a special test used to check the vaginal microbiome for signs of disruption. The test checks for specific vaginal disorders that may not be detectable without visiting a gynecologist. Being able to get tested for these types of issues makes the entire process easier and more comfortable for women that are concerned about delicate health issues and privacy as well. 

By measuring the bacteria in the vaginal microbiome, the test can determine if there are infections in the vaginal canal that may need to be treated with medication. 

How does an at-home vaginal health panel work? 

When you order an at-home vaginal health panel, you will be sent a kit that contains the information you need to collect your sample and send it off to the lab. The test will check for three potential diseases, bacterial vaginosis, candida vaginitis, and trichomoniasis. Once you send the test off, it will be processed, and the results will be sent to you.