How To Throw A Wedding During Covid-19 In Austin

If you are an Austin bride or groom, chances are your wedding plans look nothing like they did pre-pandemic. As restrictions are lifted, many are eager to finally celebrate their nuptials. Read on for more tips on how to throw a wedding in Austin during Covid-19 before herd immunity is reached.

How testing can help keep your wedding safe

Anyone who won’t be fully vaccinated by the time your events take place probably would have concerns about getting sick from attending. Utilizing Covid-19 testing to keep you and your wedding guests safe can make a major difference in whether someone is able to attend.

Rapid tests can be performed onsite, with results available in 30 minutes or less, depending on the type of test you choose. If someone does test positive, you can quickly isolate infected guests and break the chain of transmission.

People who have had organ transplants or other immune conditions that prevent them from gaining the full benefits of the vaccine have to be particularly careful attending. Testing can provide peace of mind that the event is safe.

If you have multiple attendees in fields like healthcare that can be impacted by Covid-19, large group testing can make a big difference in their ability to attend. You may also consider offering testing to guests at the end of the trip, so that they can show they were not exposed during the wedding celebration.

Other safe wedding practices

  • Choose a venue that is well-ventilated to reduce the possibility of transmission
  • Communicate your expectations about vaccination, mask wearing, and social distancing with your guests
  • Consider streaming your wedding for those who cannot attend
  • Set up your venue to accommodate social distancing, such as reducing the number of guests per table and spacing tables out
  • Provide hand sanitizing stations and extra face masks

How does onsite Covid-19 testing work?

Incorporating group testing into your plans does not mean bringing down the party. Mobile testing services like Drip Hydration can bring Covid-19 testing to you, whether you want to get tested with your best friends before your bachelor or bachelorette party, or if you want to have testing at your bridal shower or Jack and Jill celebration.

A mobile testing service will send a nurse to the agreed location to administer Covid-19 tests to you and your party. Assuming you choose a rapid test, the nurse will process the results on site, and give advice on how to keep your guests safe and healthy if someone tests positive.

If Covid safety is a top concern, you can have vendors and workers for the event tested as well (if they don’t already have their own testing procedures in place).


Throw A Safe Wedding During Covid-19 in Austin With Drip Hydration

If you’re getting married in Austin and need a strategy to make your big or intimate festivities safer, Drip Hydration can help. Our experts can help you make a safety plan that is convenient for you while ensuring your events are as safe as possible. Our Registered Nurses can set up a testing station at your venue and give advice on what to do if someone tests positive, helping to keep everyone safe.

We offer RT-PCR, rapid antigen, rapid Accula, and antibody testing services with progressive group discounts. We’re ready and waiting to work with you – reach out to us today for a custom consultation!