How To Throw A Wedding During Covid-19 In New Jersey

If you are a bride or groom trying to plan a wedding during Covid-19 in New Jersey, chances are that your plans look incredibly different than you thought they would when you first got engaged. Now that restrictions are ending, many couples are thrilled to finally get their chance to celebrate, only to be reminded that the virus still poses a threat for many. Read on to learn how testing can make your festivities safe for everyone.

How testing can help you throw a safe wedding during Covid-19 in New Jersey

People are still having trouble getting vaccination appointments in some areas. Others, like people who have had organ transplants, don’t get full immunity to Covid-19 from vaccines.

Utilizing testing for your events can help protect others by identifying a person with Covid-19 and isolating them before the virus can enter your wedding venue.

Pre-wedding celebrations

The idea of coordinating multiple people getting tested can seem absurd to an already-harried engaged couple. But mobile testing services allow you to get everyone tested at your own convenience.

For bachelor or bachelorette parties, a mobile IV service can meet you and your wedding party at home, a hotel, or other space to administer rapid Covid-19 tests to you and your party. Everyone can get tested at the same appointment, making planning a breeze, and rapid results means everyone can have results within an hour. Once results are in, masks can come off and the party can start!

For bridal showers, Jack and Jill parties, or other pre-wedding events, a mobile testing service can set up a testing station at your party location to test people before they enter, ensuring that vulnerable loved ones avoid exposure to the virus.

If anyone tests positive, the service can give advice on the steps required to keep everyone healthy.

Safe practices for the big day

A mobile Covid-19 testing service can also set up testing station(s) for vendors, staff, and attendees on your big day. (Most vendors already have rigorous testing policies in place, so make sure to consult with them first.)

If you have multiple attendees in strict professional fields, or who have personal reasons to be worried about exposure at the wedding, consider offering testing at the end of the trip, so that they can prove they were not exposed (or begin making arrangements to isolate ASAP).

It’s a good idea to have safe wedding practices in place even if you are providing testing for your guests, such as:

  • A well-ventilated venue reduces the chance of virus transmission
  • Set up your venue to accommodate social distancing (Eg. space tables out or reduce the number of guests at each table)
  • Be upfront and clear about your expectations regarding vaccination, mask wearing, social distancing, and do on
  • Consider streaming your wedding for people who cannot attend
  • Make sure that hand sanitizing stations and extra face masks are readily available


Drip Hydration Can Help You Celebrate Your Love Safely

If you’re getting married in New Jersey and need help making your wedding safer, Drip Hydration is here to help. Whether you’re having an intimate wedding or a full-blown party like Gatsby, our experts can consult with you and your venues to make events as safe as possible.

Our mobile testing services are run by Registered Nurses under the guidance of our Medical Director, an M.D., so you and your guests can rest assured we can accommodate any medical conditions that impact the testing process. We offer progressive group discounts on RT-PCR, rapid antigen, rapid Accula, and antibody testing services. Let us give you peace of mind during your big day. Give us a call or book a consultation using the button below!