How To Organize A Wedding During Covid-19 In Boston

Organizing a wedding is not an easy feat. Add the Covid-19 virus to the mix, and you might be in for an overwhelming ride. If you plan to organize a wedding in Boston during the pandemic, you have to consider all the safety precautions that you have to implement to keep yourself and your guests safe. A wedding should be memorable and bring good me mores.

Rapid Testing

The last thing that you need is to have your wedding be ground zero for a Covid-19 outbreak. The only way that you can prevent this is by having a good plan in place to prevent any infections.

The best way to prevent an outbreak is to ensure that your guests are not infected by Covid. The only way you can determine this is by administering rapid testing before the event starts. Healthcare professionals can do rapid antigen testing, and you will have the results in as little as 15 minutes.

Before you do this, you should let your guests know that their attendance at your wedding is contingent on them testing negative. You should also encourage your guests to stay home if they are feeling any symptoms. Making your guests aware that they will be tested will also encourage them to be safer weeks before your wedding in Boston and not be careless and contract the virus.

Safety precautions

Although testing can help prevent Covid from entering your wedding, other safety precautions that you can employ to make your wedding that much safer include:

  • Installing hand sanitizing stations
  • Making personalized masks that your guests can wear
  • Eliminating the buffet table, instead opting for a personalized sit-down meal

You can also help your guests’ social distance by staggering the seating at tables, seating members of the same household together, and holding the event outdoors (weather permitting, of course).

Covid-Free Celebrations With Onsite Covid Testing

The best way to keep your wedding guests safe is to prevent Covid-19 from entering your venue in the first place. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe during your wedding in Boston, and contact Drip Hydration for all your rapid testing needs. Our nurses can come to your wedding venue to test all your guests at the door. Our rapid antigen tests provide results in less than 15 minutes so you can celebrate with peace of mind.

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