How To Organize A Wedding During Covid-19 In Washington DC

If you are trying to safely organize a wedding in Washington DC, you have many things that you have to consider and think about, especially when it comes to the safety of your loved ones and guests. Weddings are a happy moment in your life and a beginning of a new chapter of marriage. Your wedding should be memorable, of course, but for the right reasons. The last thing you need is for your wedding to be remembered as a super-spreader event for the Covid-19 virus.

Consider Rapid Covid testing

Covid-19 has changed how we do things, and it has changed many things, especially in socializing with people. The only way that you can have peace of mind in keeping yourself and your guests safe during your wedding is through rapid Covid-19 testing.

Fortunately, you can have your guests get tested with a private medical service onsite before the event. If they produce a negative test result, then they can attend the event and join in on the celebration. If they test positive, they can be separated from other guests and break the chain of transmission.

Fast and convenient results

Rapid antigen testing can yield results in as fast as 15 minutes so you and your guests can kick back and celebrate with peace of mind. But the safety precautions during your actual wedding should not end there.

You should let your guests know that they should stay home if they are feeling or experiencing symptoms. You should also minimize contact between guests by holding the event outdoors, spacing out chairs and eliminating the buffet table, and opting for a sit-down meal instead of a buffet.

Worry-Free Celebrations With Onsite Covid Testing

Keep your wedding guests safe by preventing Covid-19 from entering your venue in the first place. Onsite testing with Drip Hydration can send a team of nurses to your your wedding venue to test all your guests at the door. Contact Drip Hydration today to learn about rapid testing options in Washington DC!