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How To Throw A Wedding In Columbus During Covid-19

Many couples want to get married despite the pandemic, and even after the latest revisions to gathering restrictions, the state of Ohio still has a ban on gatherings of over 10 people. With these restrictions in mind, how can you throw a wedding in Columbus during Covid-19?

Tips for hosting a safe wedding

With the continued rollout of the vaccine and changing federal recommendations, it’s important to keep up with the CDC’s current guidance about large social events and adjust your plans accordingly.

As mentioned above, there is still a ban on gatherings of over 10 people in Ohio. If your guest list is considerably longer than this, you may want to consider streaming the wedding so that everyone can attend.

A wedding in Columbus during Covid-19 may present some unique challenges, but with some planning, it can still be a day full of celebration.

Choose a safe venue

It’s important that you do your part to keep everyone safe during your wedding, and the best place to start is with choosing the venue itself. You can develop a risk assessment template that you can bring with you to each venue – or give to your wedding planner if you have one – to ensure that your location meets certain standards.

Choosing a well-ventilated venue can reduce the risk of accidental virus transmission. Since warmer months are here, you may also want to consider an outdoor venue to provide an even safer environment.

Set guest expectations

The responsibility to break the chain of virus transmission doesn’t completely fall on you – it’s a group effort. Communicate your Covid-related expectations and rules to your guests before the wedding day and consider asking your guests to respect the following suggestions:

  • Remind guests to stay home if they are awaiting Covid-19 test results or are currently sick.
  • Work with your event organizer to arrange the venue to facilitate social distancing, such as setting tables at least 6 feet apart, seating fewer guests per table, or removing the dancefloor to reduce the chance of spreading the virus.
  • Encourage everyone to stay socially distant during the wedding and afterparty.
  • Encourage your guests to bring and wear masks, and provide extra masks for your guests.
  • Provide easily accessible hand sanitizer stations.
  • Screen your guests with onsite Covid-19 tests before they enter the venue to ensure everyone is well enough to attend.

Vet your vendors

You’ll want to vet your vendors carefully to ensure that their staff doesn’t bring in the virus, especially since caterers and servers will be in close proximity to your guests. It’s important to discuss what measure they are taking to keep their workplace and staff healthy.

Some questions to consider asking include:

  • What types of protocols they have to test their staff for Covid-19
  • What types of measures they use to sanitize their equipment, prepare food, etc,.
  • What types of personal protective equipment (PPE) that staff will wear during the event
  • What type of Covid-19 training they have provided for their staff

Bachelor & bachelorette parties

Guidance for safely throwing bachelor and bachelorette parties is similar to the above, but with a few tweaks since most of these night-before parties take place at a bar – or bars – and other offsite locations.

  • If you’re going out, it’s important to check with your venue of choice that they can accommodate the size of your party.
  • Choose outdoor seating if you can to reduce the chance of virus transmission.
  • Wear masks and stay socially distant where possible.
  • Wash your hands frequently.

Onsite Testing For Your Wedding in Columbus During Covid-19

Onsite Covid-19 testing is a preventative measure that you can take to protect your guests. Unlike the standard PCR tests that you can get at testing centers and clinics, Drip Hydration can come directly to your venue and administer rapid antigen tests to all attendees, regardless of age. The test is a nasal swab that only takes a couple of minutes to administer, and which produces results in 15 minutes or less.

With these tests, you can rest assured that everyone can safely relax and enjoy themselves – it’s your big day, after all! Book a consultation by giving us a call or clicking the button below, and let us develop the perfect testing plan for your wedding to ensure everyone is safe to celebrate.