How to Get a Wellness Panel in Las Vegas?

There are numerous tests that you can undergo to determine your overall health. These tests are typically done through your annual physical exam. A wellness panel is one test that can help you measure overall health.

What is wellness panel testing?

A wellness panel is a comprehensive testing option that can measure the basic pillars of health. This test typically measures blood sugar levels, calcium, blood count, and liver and kidney functionality.

Benefits of a wellness panel test

A wellness panel test can pinpoint whether an individual is suffering from or is at higher risk for diabetes or heart disease.

Because it helps measure overall health, your doctor can help you curate a diet or lifestyle change approach that can help improve your well-being, depending on the test results.

Early detection of diseases can mean you will have an increased chance of beating and eliminating them. A medical professional will communicate and interpret the results of a wellness test through consultation.

In-home testing for wellness panel

Since the pandemic, medical services and lab tests have shifted to concierge-type services. This entails a medical professional visiting your home or workspace and performing lab tests. They will take your sample and send it to the lab for processing.

Mobile testing can provide convenience and a safe environment wherein you can relax within the comforts of your own home.