What Is Liquid Ozone and How Is It Used? 

There are a ton of different therapy options out there, and many of them are great for improving our health and promoting the creation of certain substances in the body or maintaining nutrient levels and other things. Ozone therapy is a popular option for many people as it has been shown to be effective at disinfection and treating certain diseases. As such, many people get ozone gas treatments to help improve their health. It has even been shown to improve glutathione production.

However, Liquid ozone is another type of chemical that is different from the gas used in therapy. Here we will discuss what liquid ozone is, how it is used and how it is different from ozone therapy.

What is liquid ozone?

Liquid ozone is a chemical that is used similarly to ozone to provide oxygenation and disinfection. While it has many similarities to ozone gas, liquid ozone is, in fact, not ozone, an element that consists of 3 bonded atoms of oxygen. Actual ozone only exists in a gas form and is used in IV therapy to provide a complete range of benefits.

While liquid ozone is known to have many benefits as well, it is important to know that it is a manufactured substance that causes a reaction with oxygen molecules when mixed with water. While it is not ozone, it is still used for a number of the same purposes.

How is liquid ozone used?

The most common practice and use for liquid ozone are in water purification. By adding liquid ozone to water, the ozone molecules react with the oxygen in the water to create a purifying effect that is incredibly effective at eliminating viruses and bacteria in water. In practice, it has been used to create clean drinking water in places where water is difficult to access or the source of water has been contaminated.

For this reason, liquid ozone has become widely used for other recreational means as well, such as purifying pools and even helping to oxygenate drinking water in homes. Most often, though, it is used in more industrial settings to clean large amounts of water at once.

Secondly, liquid ozone is known to be a powerful cleaning agent as it kills germs and bacteria better than other chemicals and doesn’t have the same harmful effects as many formulated cleaning products, making it safe on most surfaces and safe to use around children and animals.

How is liquid ozone different from ozone used in IV therapy?

While liquid ozone has many of the same properties as standard ozone gas, as we said, liquid ozone is not actually ozone. Additionally, it cannot be infused with blood in the same way that ozone gas is to help improve circulation, and oxygenation, fight disease, lessen the inflammatory response, or any other benefits that ozone therapy has shown.

Even though liquid ozone is a powerful disinfectant, it is not usable in the same way as ozone gas in IV treatments.

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