What’s the Best Way to Get Wedding Guests Tested for Covid in West Palm Beach?

Planning for a wedding during Covid can be frustrating for many couples. The pandemic has guidelines we all need to follow to feel safe. However, if you want your wedding guests tested for Covid in West Palm Beach, you have a few options.

All couples want to get married surrounded by their closest family and friends. This Covid virus has made this very difficult to achieve since the beginning of 2020.

How can you have a wedding when you are supposed to social distance, wear masks and not gather in large groups?

Onsite Covid professional testing has made this possible again. Couples can achieve wonderful weddings and have memories to last a lifetime, all while including their guests.

On-Site Testing

Onsite testing is set up through a mobile Covid testing company. The company is asked to set up the mobile testing unit outside their wedding venue, usually in the parking lot. This allows guests to show up a bit earlier and be tested so they can get a negative test result and attend the wedding safely.

All of your attendees, including caterers, DJs, or anyone associated with the wedding, can get tested. You will have a fantastic dream wedding with no worries because you chose this service.

Where Can I Get Mobile Testing?

Drip Hydration Mobile IV Therapy can be set up in West Palm Beach. We are a company that specializes in providing onsite rapid Covid testing. We employ certified nurses who can administer 100s of tests.

Your guests will thank you for caring so much and making them feel safe to attend your special day. Be sure to call us and schedule your onsite professional today.

Safety Comes First With Onsite Tests

It is crucial to give your employees the resources and information they need to remain safe during a pandemic, especially if you all intend to return to the office or often interact with community members. Consider offering them an e-mail or brochure with Covid safety and testing information, and post reminders to hand-wash often.

As an employer, it is important that your employees know you prioritize their safety and that you are taking all possible precautions to prevent a Covid outbreak at work. Contact us today for a custom consultation to provide your employees with onsite Covid testing!